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February – August 2022

BIRN Kosovo


The aim of the project is to increase transparency and accountability as well as informing and covering the work of the justice system to citizens and stakeholders, therefore BIRN will send requests for information to all Kosovo Courts regarding statistics on sentence for various criminal offenses for several months and will publish articles and analyses based on database founding’s regarding the court and prosecution effectiveness.


Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Main Objective:

As part of the project, BIRN in partnership with Internews Kosova, FindBug, and D4D is developing a smart solution that will help the interested parties and the overall public with the judicial cases, procedures, and regulations by an easy access to cases, the upcoming hearings, and time needed for solving a case based on searches on internet and social media.

BIRN’s intervention with the Judicial Dig Data Challenge consists of synthesizing the available judicial data on gender-based violence, attacks on journalists and the LGBTQI+ persons, corruption, resolution of civil cases, human resource management in justice institutions, effectiveness of the LAA, the Supreme Court and the Special Prosecution, among others, by linking multiple datasets from the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) and the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).

Our intervention also aims to extend the category of people utilizing the available judicial data. This will be achieved by engaging other actors, such as journalists, in the process of data analysis and in proposing means in addressing data-driven needs.

BIRN will contribute to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our courts through the activities undertaken as part of this project, hence strengthening citizens’ trust in the judicial system.

Main Activities:

Activity 1. Launching a database for easier access to fact-based information related to the judicial system cases and regulations

Activity 2. Publishing 20 short articles and 20 infographics on based on the findings as per Activity 1

Activity 3. Designing and publishing 7 infographics regarding the imposed sentences by Kosovo Courts

Activity 4: Draft and publish 6 articles on platform “Life in Kosovo” newspaper with key findings from the data analysis

Activity 5: Design and publish 6 infographics on “Life in Kosovo” newspaper with key findings from the data analysis

Activity 6: Produce and broadcast 6 television debates on #KALLXOPernime with key stakeholders from each category

Activity 7. 1 Workshop with judicial officials, media, and other CSOs

Activity 8. Organizing one (1) training with Youth Forums of political parties

Activity 9. Organizing three (3) Tuesday Salons with young politicians

Activity 10: Draft 3 legal recommendations based on data-driven needs identified in the analyses and send them to relevant judicial institutions

Activity 11: Organize 2 training sessions with students who wish to use the judicial data in their seminar papers

Activity 12: Select, publish and award the 2 best seminar papers

Activity 13: Award 5 fellowships to journalists to publish in-depth investigations/analysis based on the judicial data.

Main Implementer:

BIRN Kosovo


Internews Kosova, FindBug, and D4D