Building Bridges of Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation

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December 2021 – June 2022

BIRN Kosovo


The need to create an equitable society bound by shared interests and values is of central importance to the democratic consolidation process and is the bedrock that will create and sustain peace. Thus, by fighting the structural factors contributing to inter-group inequality, by implementing this project BIRN Kosovo will equip youngsters from the Albanian and Serbian communities with the information necessary to advance democratic reforms. On top of this, BIRN also aims to improve the capacities of young journalists and students of journalism through a series of training sessions focusing on investigative journalism, including an Internship program that will support journalists to write stories using fact-checking and investigative tools.



Main Objective:

The main objective of the project is to bring together youngsters from different ethnic communities in Kosovo and engage them in journalistic work that seeks to ensure accountability and transparency from governmental institutions by addressing political, economic and social issues. Through a focus on commonly shared problems that all communities in Kosovo face, participants will also be given the opportunity to work together on shared interests and goals for the advancement of Kosovo society as a whole.

Specific Objectives:

Specific Objective 1 – Improve inter-ethnic cooperation between young journalists by strengthening their capacities in investigative journalism

Specific Objective 2 – Facilitate inter-ethnic dialogue and exchange best practices for investigative and fact-based journalism through an internship program

Main Activities:

Activity 1: Organizing a two-day workshop with Kosovo’s young journalists and students of journalism on investigative journalism.

Activity 2: Offering an internship program for four (4) young journalists/students of journalism from different ethnic communities living in Kosovo

Activity 3: Publishing 10 articles and two (2) TV reportages written and produced by the interns

Target Groups:

  • Young journalists from the Albanian and Serbian communities
  • Students of journalism and law from the Albanian and Serbian communities