Matteo Mastracci

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Digital Rights Researcher

As a researcher, Matteo works in BIRN’s Digital Rights Programme, focusing on tech implications for human rights and privacy in the Southeast and Central Europe region.

He had been working as a lawyer in the field of criminal law. Matteo has expertise in new media, NGOs, and civic engagement, having worked in several human rights organisations. Since 2020 he has been working as a reporter for Oxford University Press in International Law (ORIL), International Human Rights module.

Matteo holds a law degree from University of Teramo (Teramo, Italy) and LL.M. degrees from LUISS School of Law (Rome, Italy) and Riga Graduate School of Law (Riga, Latvia). He is also currently completing his PhD at Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) in comparative authoritarianism and the rule of law.