Igor Vujcic

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Graphic Designer

Based in Belgrade, Igor started working for BIRN in 2020.

He has a diverse skill set in illustration, graphic design, animation and video production. With a background in design from high school and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Igor has honed his creative abilities to bring ideas to life through visual storytelling.

Balkan Insight’s biggest investigative and long-form stories have his visual signature. His style has formed Balkan Insight’s unique visual identity.

Igor prefers to illustrate investigative stories, as they are more personal and include a human factor, unlike global news stories.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Igor finds joy in family life as a dedicated father and husband. In his free time, he indulges in passions for custom keyboards, Studio Ghibli movies and music, adding depth and inspiration to his creative endeavours. With a blend of artistic talent and personal interests, Igor continues to explore new horizons and share his unique perspective with the world.