Amra Šeta

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Financial administrative officer

Amra Šeta joined BIRN BIH in June 2023 year as a financial officer. She is based in BIRN Sarajevo office, providing support to operations. Her main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs and a range of key administrative duties.

Previously, Amra worked in the governmental and NGO sector and has extensive experience in administration, financial and operational work.

She worked at UK Charity Small Kindness (2002-2018), as Administrative and finance assistance (18 months) and as Country Coordinator (14 years). Holding the role of Country Coordinator, Amra was responsible for: preparing strategic plans for projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing support to the General Director, donors and other offices (Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Indonesia); coordination with government and nongovernment bodies, donors etc. Amra worked at SEE change Net as an Office Manager (2019-2020 year). During this period, she also gained valuable experience in office management and project operations.

In addition to the non-governmental sector, Amra has experience in the financial and administrative activities of profitable companies: International Health limited, where she was employed as an Expert associate for finance and analysis (16 months) and MD Racunovodstvo, as external associate (three years).

Amra studied at the School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo. Her major was finance and accounting. In addition to her formal education, she has attended various finance-related courses.

Along with her native Bosnian, she speaks English.