Albulena Sadiku

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Deputy Director, Kosovo

With a strong background in civil society, Albulena Sadiku has experience in capacity building, election monitoring and local government.

Albulena joined BIRN in 2011 as a project manager. She is responsible for organising fundraising, maintaining donor relations and the administration of the activities of the organization.

Between 2005-2007, Albulena served as a manager of the office for public relations of the Initiative for Progress Organization, INPO. From 2007-2009 she managed the advocacy of the organization and was later appointed as the Executive Director, where she served until the end of 2010.

While at INPO, she focused on issues of local governance. She monitored and evaluated the performance of legislative and executive institutions in six municipalities in Kosovo during her tenure at the organisation.

With experience as a debate participant and judge in the standardized “Karl Popper” debate format, Albulena earned the title of a certified trainer of high school and higher education students. She has organized debate groups in Ferizaj, which have continued their success in international competitions.

Albulena has also worked in developing Local Action Plans for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the Ferizaj and Fushe Kosova municipalities. She has worked in capacity building among the youth of these communities in the fields of local governance, advocacy, elections and youth activism.

Since 2007, Albulena has been active in election monitoring. She has worked on awareness campaigns to increase voter turnout, monitored electoral campaigns and voting day, and researched and compiled the “grey lists” of candidates deemed inappropriate for election to leading positions.

Albulena is a senior student in the Political Science Department at the University of Pristina.