Life in Vushtri

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Ensuring the availability of drinking water for residents was one of the major promises made during the electoral campaign of the current mayor of Vushtri, Bajram Mulaku. However, more than two years later, residents of Vushtri still don’t have water because the municipality has not managed to finish building a water treatment plant.

Mulaku, appearing on “Life in the Municipality,” promised that the problem of water would be solved during his mandate. According to him, construction of a new water plant has begun in the village of Balinc.

“A three-year project is being implemented in the village of Balinc. Work started last year and it will be finished in three years. This plant will treat 350 litres per second and this might even be too much for our municipality. When work on this plant is completed, the municipality of Vushtri will have water,” Mulaku pledged.

Mulaku has boasted of the construction of roads in the villages of Vushtri, the creation of a center for family medical care, and the construction of a bridge in the village of Prelluzhe. But issues remain concerning waste and social services.

Addressing the waste problem, Mulaku said that in Vushtri there are some illegal landfills that the municipality has tried to close a few times, only to see them in use again. According to him, this is because the regional company does not have sufficient capacity to collect all the garbage.

“This company is unable to fulfill its tasks. The problem is that it’s a regional one, so it’s necessary for these to become public municipal companies,” said Mulaku, who called on the residents of Vushtri to take care of the environment.

Another problem in the Municipality of Vushtri is naming schools, since the families of those who fought for the country want to name schools after their late family members. According to data, there are seven schools in the municipality which do not have names.

However, the mayor refused to take responsibility for this issue. He said that this is the responsibility of school councils, the Education Directorate, and the Ministry of Education.

He has also denied having any connection to a case that is now being investigated by EULEX. In the case, allegations are made that a school in the municipality, through official intervention, changed its name to that of the brother of the former head of PTK, Shyqyri Haxa.

Mulaku was criticized by the opposition, who said that he has hired people with inadequate credentials to work in the education sector.

“In education, people who are party supporters are being hired; for example two workers for a library with 300 books,” said Qazim Azemi from AAK.

He cited the case of the hiring of Valdet Dallku, the son of education official Murtez Dallku, as supervisor of computers in the municipality.

While Mulaku said he was aware of the case, he argued that the hiring took place through an open competition. “I saw that there were objections about Valdet Daku.

Every person has the right to complain through legal channels. However as mayor, I cannot ask him to not apply. He has applied and has been accepted, ” said Mulaku, emphasizing that whoever is not happy with the competition can complain.