International Fact Checking Day celebrated in Kosovo

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BIRN Kosovo marked April 2, the International Fact-Checking Day, which saw fact-checking organisations across the world celebrating under the motto “Do not let them fool you: Facts are important”.

April 2nd is International Fact Checking Day – just a day after April Fools’ Day. In Kosovo, those who want to check facts have a lot on their plates. Krypometer, a joint project of BIRN Kosova and Internews Kosova,  is the leading platform on fact-checking in Kosovo.

The purpose of the Krypometer is to reflect on the truthfulness of a public statements, to scan and inspect the statement of a political figure regarding issues of great local, central, or international importance. Video launched through social media, shows some of the most important pledges fact-checked by Krypometer, while public discussions, lectures with students and more fact-checking are just some of the activities that will be carried out to honor this day.