BIRN Macedonia Starts Investigative Journalism Training Program

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BIRN Macedonia started a series of trainings for 12 young journalists. The training started with a three-day course held between September 29 and October 1 in the North Macedonian mountain resort of Mavrovo.

Photo: BIRN

The course was the first in a series of five different training modules that will take place over the next year. The next courses will be held in November, February and April and end with a summer school that will take place in mid-2024 where the journalists attending can acquire skills and techniques that will prepare them for work in journalism. The programme also includes mentoring support.

The first training in Mavrovo consisted of a mix of theoretical lectures and practical exercises. The idea behind the approach was to introduce the participants to important journalistic concepts, while allowing them to apply that knowledge in a practical way.

The topics covered were: public interest vs the interest of public, ethics in journalism, media genres, sources of information, news writing and interview techniques, as well as the language tips for journalistic writing and reporting. All trainings were held by BIRN Macedonia’s editors and journalists.

The weekend wrapped up with an exercise that synthesized knowledge from the training sessions: the participants were asked to produce a short news article based on an announcement from a public institution. Through this, they put into the practice the skills they had gained over the first training module.