BIRN Albania Holds Trainings on Environmental Advocacy

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The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania on September 27 and 29 held two trainings for civil society organisations and activists in Shkodra and Kukes.

Photo: BIRN

The training sessions on environmental advocacy were held as part of the project: “Building Resilience through Environmental Journalism”, which is co-financed by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the US embassy in Tirana and is implemented by BIRN in cooperation with local journalists.

The trainings in Shkodra and Kukes attracted 41 civil society representatives and activists from the northern regions of Albania.

The project aims to strengthen cooperation between NGOs, activists and local journalists in Albania to research, monitor and publish articles on environmental violations, with the aim of increasing awareness, public pressure and advocacy for the most efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development in the country

The training in the town of Kukes, bordering Kosovo, was led by environmental experts Bukurosh Onuzi, Besart Halilaj and Anxhela Vincani. It attracted 22 participants. The training in Shkodra was held by journalist Emi Kalaja and Alminda Mema, executive director of the Ahrus Centre in Shkodra and had 19 participants.

During the training sessions, the experts discussed environmental issues and cooperation between journalists and civil society to tackle them, the work of local environmental organisations to raise awareness and advocate for their causes, as well as intra-institutional cooperation on the local level on environmental issues.