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Bosnian Procurement Agency Launches Case After BIRN Article

The Public Procurement Agency has initiated a case related to the construction of an isolation facility in Srebrenik in Bosnia and Herzegovina after BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina published an article entitled “Construction of Isolation Facility in Srebrenik Entrusted to Town Councillor’s Company”.

BIRN Kosovo Gives Online Training to Students

BIRN Kosovo held a training session online via Zoom for 22 students on April 4. The session focused on the construction of critical thinking, protective mechanisms against defamation and slander, and combating fake news.

Digital Rights in the Time of COVID-19

BIRN and SHARE Foundation are bringing you the latest updates and cases of arbitrary arrests, surveillance, phone tapping, privacy breaches and other digital rights violations as countries of Central and Southeast Europe impose emergency legislation to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence: Evaluation Process Extended

Thank you to everyone who applied for this year’s Fellowship.

Kosovo: Reporting, Advice, and Fact-checking After a Month of COVID-19 Crisis

During the last month,’s team has produced more than 800 articles, including analysis, news, and live reporting – as well as 100 video reports and 30 infographics and illustrations on coronavirus and its rapid spread.

BIRN Kosovo Assists Development of Online Learning Project, a website ran by BIRN Kosovo and Internews Kosova, has provided assistance to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology in developing an online learning platform which will be used for students who are not currently attending schools due to the risk of the COVID-19 virus.

BIRN Kosovo Continues Media Training for Auditors

BIRN Kosovo held its second and third media communication training sessions with the staff of the National Audit Office in Pristina on March 12 and March 13, as part of a project aimed at increasing transparency and accountability over the management of public funds.

BIRN Staffer Given Award on International Women’s Day

Serbian feminist cultural centre BeFem on March 8 gave BIRN project coordinator Sofija Todorovic a feminist achievement award for 2019.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Energy, Environment, Climate Change Competition

BIRN Kosovo, in partnership with TV Mreza, the ERA Group and Bankwatch, has announcing a competition for the three best journalistic stories on the topics of energy efficiency, environmental protection, climate change and environmental impacts on human health.

Calls Open for EU Investigative Journalism Award

Investigative stories published from January 1 to December 31, 2019, and related to freedom of expression, rule of law, transparency, abuse of power and fundamental rights, corruption and organised crime are welcome to apply.

Don’t Miss the March 10 Deadline to Apply to the Fellowship!

If you have an idea for a big story and want to report it to the highest standard, with top-notch editorial support and a generous expenses budget, apply for the Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence. The deadline for applications is March 10.

BIRN Bosnia Holds Discussion on Terrorism Prevention Strategy

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina held a round-table discussion on February 26 about the implementation of the state strategy for preventing and combatting terrorism and the challenges remaining for Bosnia and Herzegovina prior to the adoption of a new strategy.

Fellowship Welcomes New Selection Committee Member

Wojciech Ciesla, a prominent Polish investigative journalist and editor, has joined the Selection Committee of the Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, the flagship programme of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and Erste Foundation.

BIRN Kosovo Gives Students Media Training in Gnjilane/Gjilan

Twenty-five students from the municipality of Gnjilane/Gjilan took part in a training session organised by BIRN Kosovo on February 26.

In Their Own Words: Why Apply to This Year’s Fellowship?

As the March 10 deadline looms for applications to the Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, we asked past participants why journalists should apply to this year’s programme.