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Moldova – Romania: A Network of Stories

Moldova – Romania: A Network of Stories

BIRN Romania
The project aims to foster mutual understanding among people from Moldova and Romania by creating a network of human interest stories (print and audio) related to what does it mean to be a Moldovan citizen today in relation with a Romanian one, in an era of geopolitical tensions and radical social change.

Past Programmes

BIRN Romania has implemented various local and regional projects since it started its activities.

From 2006-2009, the BIRN office in Romania edited Divers (, a weekly online publication covering ethnic minorities in Romania. The project was funded through a grant from the Project on Ethnic Relations, a US-based organisation.

In November 2006, BIRN Romania provided training for health professionals, educators and police officers aimed at developing the skills they need to communicate and deliver care and education more effectively to ethnic minority groups at a workshop in Ludus, central Transylvania. The programme was funded by the Romanian National Agency for Roma People, ANR, a governmental body (

BIRN Romania was a partner in an editorial project that published a monthly newspaper for Roma people between 2007-2008, an undertaking funded by the European Commission. The project was financed by the Romanian government, using funds from the European Union's Phare program.

From August 2013 to March 2014. BIRN Romania ran the ‚New Journalism in Tackling Old Prejudices’ programme, training ten journalists from five countries from the Black Sea area (Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine) on issues related to ethnic and religious discrimination by promoting best practice in terms of reporting on such often sensitive issues. A training seminar was organised from November 8-10 in Bucharest.

From November 2016 to April 2017, eight journalists from three countries (Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania) took part in a  program called ‚Reporting Security in the Black Sea Area’, aimed at raising awareness of regional security issues by promoting best practices in reporting on topics such as energy, military, migration and reconciliation. They were trained with the intention of creating an informal, professional network of journalists interested in covering security issues. Following the training course which took place in Bucharest, the participants have produced in-depth news analysis pieces related to regional security issues. The stories were published on Balkan Insight and on Sinopsis, a Romanian-language publication (