BIRN Ltd. About

Sustaining Independent Journalism

Established in 2007, BIRN Ltd. develops multi-market commercial products to extend the editorial and campaigning activities of the BIRN Hub and its not-for-profit services such as the Balkan Insight news portal.  As such, it sustains the network’s reputation for award-winning independent journalism, while improving publishing standards and the capacities of reporters across the SE European region.

Thirty per cent of BIRN Ltd. is owned by the BIRN Hub with the remaining distributed to employees across the Balkans as part of the group’s policy to empower its workforce of dedicated journalism professionals.

The company publishes the Belgrade Insight newspaper, and generates advertising and subscription revenues, produces special supplements on topical economic issues, and organises associated seminars and conferences to represent the interests of business and citizens among public policy decision makers across SE Europe.

As well as generating web, print and broadcast advertising revenues, BIRN Ltd. provides subscription-based access to premium content on Balkan Insight and forms media partnerships with sponsors to manage digital communication programmes, including across mobile platforms.

BIRN Ltd. business development activities are focussed on growing participation in its Summer School for Investigative Reporting, building awareness of the quality of its journalism through the syndication of articles and analysis to other media outlets, and building new revenue streams from services such as management advisory via BIRN Consultancy and human resources tools via the Balkan Job finder website.

To understand how BIRN Ltd can support your organisation to leverage the opportunities and minimise the risks associated with operating in the Balkans, please contact us.