BIRN Kosovo People


Drenushe Ramadani

Journalist/ Researcher

Drenushe has been a journalist at the BIRN Kosovo since July 2018.

Durim Shala

Camera Operator/Video Editor

Durim Shala is a Camera Operator and Video Editor for Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo.

Egzon Qarkaxhija

Camera Operator and Video Editor

Egzon is engaged at BIRN Kosovo as a camera operator and video editor.

Ejup Gojnovci


Ejup Gojnovci started his career as a journalist in 2001 and has worked at several media outlets in Kosovo and collaborated with international media.

Elona Sejdullahu

Junior Monitor/Reseracher

Elona Sejdullahu graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina, and has been monitoring courts in the Prishtina region for BIRN since September 2020, initially as an intern.

Emirjeta Vllahiu

Journalist/ Researcher

Emirjeta Vllahiu joined the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in July 2018. She was initially engaged as an intern and currently is a junior journalist at

Eraldin Fazliu

Project Coordinator/Editor in Chief and Journalist

Eraldin Fazliu is the editor-in-chief of Prishtina Insight. He has been working in journalism since 2015 covering mostly politics and social issues.

Erolinda Uka

Junior Monitor

Erolinda started her career as a junior monitor at BIRN in July 2019.

Fitim Limani

Junior Monitor

Fitim has been working with BIRN as a junior court monitor since September 2019.

Hysen Gara

Stage Manager, Electric & Lights Maintenance (electrician)

Hysen has been taking care of the stage, lighting, and maintenance in BIRN Kosovo since 2011.

Isa Vatovci


Isa Vatovci has been part of the team since September 2018.

Jack Robinson

Editor and Journalist

Jack Robinson works as an editor, writer and proof-reader at BIRN.

Jeta Xharra

Country Director, Kosovo

Jeta Xharra is a renowned journalist in Kosovo and Balkans, hosting the award-winning current-affairs TV programme, Life in Kosovo.

Jeton Ispahiu

MCR Producer/Editor and Camera Operator

With international experience in media production, Jeton Ispahiu joined BIRN in 2008. He is responsible for providing video editing and final touches for the Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo television programmes.

Kastriot Berisha

Monitor/Legal Officer

Kastriot studied at the University of Pristina, at the Faculty of Law and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.


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