BIRN Kosovo People


Adelina Ahmeti

Journalist and Assistant Editor

Adelina began her career as an intern at at the end of 2015 and within a few months was promoted to the position of a journalist.

Afrim Ejupi

Cameraman and Video Editor

Afrim Ejupi studied Management and Informatics at the University of Prishtina.

Albulena Sadiku

Deputy Director, Kosovo

Albulena Sadiku has a strong professional background in civil society and has spent 15 years working in media management, anti-corruption projects, capacity building, local government and production of field TV debates and reports.

Albulena Zeneli Jonuzi

Human Resources, Finance and Administrative Officer

Albulena studied Business Administration and is a member of the Institute of Accounting, Finance and Auditing.

Altin Morina

Information Technology Assistant

Altin Morina has completed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training at the American University of Kosovo (AUK) and is pursuing his bachelor’s studies in Management and Informatics at ILIRIA College.

Arbër Gashi

Μarketing Μanager

Arbër Gashi is a graduate in Management and Informatics as well as Business Administration. He has several years of professional experience in the media, project management, business and marketing.

Ardita Zeqiri

Journalist/ Junior Researcher

Ardita joined the BIRN team in October 2019.

Arian Hyseni

IT Manager and Technical Staff Coordinator

Having fostered a passion for Information Technology since the age of nine, Arian Hyseni is accustomed to putting to use the latest innovations in the field.

Arita Suhodolli

Project Manager

Arita completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Management with a sub-branch in International Relations at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Kosovo).

Arjana Berisha

Journalist/Junior Researcher

Arjana Berisha is a student in the last year of her Bachelor of Journalism studies at the University of Prishtina.

Arlinda Mehmeti

Junior Monitor

Arlinda Mehmeti completed her master’s studies in Local Government and Democratic Society at the University of Gjilan.

Arta Sopi


Arta Sopi became part of the team in November 2018. Before she joined BIRN, Arta worked at the newspaper Zeri, and prior to that she undertook an internship at the newspaper Koha Ditore.

Aulona Alaj

Junior Monitor/Researcher

Aulona is currently in her final year at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina, where she is studying criminal law.

Behar Mustafa

Journalist / Researcher

Behar Mustafa is a court monitor and researcher working in the Mitrovica region and contributes as a journalist to the TV programme Justice in Kosovo.

Deniz Sllovinja

Camera Operator/Video Editor

Deniz is a cameraman and video editor for and the BIRN TV programmes Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo.


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