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BIRN Kosovo Holds Training on Advanced Fact Checking Techniques

On November 25, 2022, BIRN Kosovo in cooperation with Gracanica Online held a training session on conducting research and investigations using advanced fact-checking techniques.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Workshop on Reintegrating Returnees from War Zones

BIRN Kosovo held a regional workshop on September 28 in the Prizren area on reinforcing the role of Centres for Social Welfare, Municipal Directorates of Education, of Emergency and Security, of Health and of Mental Health – and other relevant institutions – in strengthening the process of reintegration and resocialization of returnees from Middle Eastern conflict zones.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Training on Reporting Labour Rights

On September 27, BIRN Kosovo held a training module for journalists on reporting labour rights. The training brought together 20 journalists from different communities who learned more about reporting on injuries at work, workplace safety, mistreatment and breaches of employees’ rights, lack of employment contracts, annual leave and maternity leave, among others.

Open Call for Participation in BIRN Kosovo’s one-day training module for journalists to report on labour rights issues

Are you a student of journalism, young or mid-career journalist eager to expand your journalistic reporting skills? Do you want to develop your capacities in reporting and advocating for labour rights in the Kosovo labour market? Do you think you have the ambition and creativity to be one of the prospective winners of a 500 Euro bursary to write a story on labour rights, health and safety at work? Then look no further!

BIRN Kosovo Holds Workshop on Reintegration and Resocialisation of Returnees from Conflict Zones

BIRN Kosovo held a regional workshop on July 22 on reinforcing the role of Centres for Social Welfare and relevant municipal directorates in strengthening the reintegration and resocialization of returnees from Middle Eastern conflict zones, to prevent violent extremism and terrorism in Kosovo.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Anti-Disinformation Summer School

From July 25-29, 2022, BIRN Kosovo held its first Anti-Disinformation Summer School in Prishtina, hosting 19 students and young journalists from different communities all over Kosovo.

Call for Applications: BIRN Kosovo’s Anti-Disinformation Summer School 2022

BIRN Kosovo’s first ever Anti-Disinformation Summer School will offer young people from different communities an opportunity to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and skills on fact-checking journalism – and it’s free.

Culture of Impunity Still Influences Kosovo Courts’ Corruption Sentences – Report

Latest report by BIRN and Internews Kosova says corruption verdicts don’t follow Supreme Court guidelines, and are often too mild.

Call for applications: Final external evaluation of BIRN Kosovo project

BIRN Kosovo is seeking an evaluator/evaluation company to undertake a comprehensive overall evaluation of the results achieved in the project and provide recommendations for possible scaling up of the project.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Training on Labour Rights Violations

BIRN Kosovo organized a training with duty bearers, including police and labour inspectors and prosecutors, to strengthen their capacities to handle workplace injuries and other labour rights’ violations.

Green Energy Days 2022 Comes to an End

Green Energy Days 2022 took place in various locations across Kosovo between May 16 and 22. The initiative included numerous activities, which have been followed up with TV broadcasts and articles.

ERA Group Holds Youth Mobilisation Activity

The Environmentally Responsible Action (ERA) Group held a youth mobilisation activity with young people from the municipality of Peja.

BIRN Kosovo Holds Regional Workshop on Preventing Extremism

To reinforce the role of Centers for Social Welfare and members of other municipal institutions in preventing violent extremism and terrorism in Kosovo, as well as strengthening the process of reintegration and resocialization for returnees from the conflict zones, BIRN Kosovo held a regional workshop on May 12.

ERA Group Organised Two Youth Dialogue Meetings with Youth From the Municipalities of Peja and Gjakova

On May 17 and 20, ERA Group organised two youth dialogue meetings with youth from the municipalities of Peja and Gjakova.

Position Paper Published on ‘Kosovo’s National Energy and Climate Plan’

BIRN Kosovo and its partners Bankwatch, ERA Group and TV Mreža have published a position paper titled “Kosovo’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP)”.

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