Center for research, transparency and accountability – CRTA

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2010 - Now

CRTA is a group of activists and journalists that engages with both citizens and institutions in an effort for higher institutional and public officials’ accountability in Serbia through monitoring and oversight of their work.

Since 2009 CRTA empowers citizens to participate in political process and demand accountability from their representatives. Aiming to establish accountability as core democratic value in Serbian political culture, CRTA advocacy efforts rely on the three-pronged approach: a) accountability in the work of politicians, b) institutional accountability, and c) accountability in public finances. CRTA provided citizens with opportunity to directly engage in accountability advocacy and monitoring by having developed several accountability and transparency online tools: Istinomer, Otvoreni parlament, Prati pare and Vodite računa. Through these initiatives CRTA increased its influence among the Serbian public and positioned itself as credible actor in raising demand for accountability in politicians’ and public institutions’ work.

By advocating for accountability to take roots and become a guiding principle in Serbian democracy, CRTA initiated informed public debate about accountability among both politicians and citizens.