Open Call for Country Director of BIRN Montenegro

Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network seeks to employ a professional and qualified Country Director of BIRN Montenegro to work in Podgorica, Montenegro, with travel around the region as required.

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network (BIRN Hub) is a non-profit organization, established to support and strengthen the development of the media and civil society in Southeast and Central Europe.

In accordance with the procedures of the Network, BIRN Hub announces a vacancy for the position of:

Executive Director

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

Required education: University degree in a relevant field and relevant work experience


  • Experience in the field of media development and an extensive understanding of the media landscape in Montenegro and needs in the development of journalistic skills;
  • Knowledge of issues pertaining to investigative journalism;
  • Significant experience in donor-funded project development, planning and project cycle management;
  • At least ten (10) years of work experience in editorial affairs or business management;
  • Knowledge and demonstrable experience in financial reporting in accordance with local legislation and donor requirements;
  • Knowledge of local legislation relevant to the work of citizen associations;
  • Outstanding literacy in the languages of the region, and excellent knowledge of English (reading, written, and spoken), eloquence and oral skills;
  • Extraordinary computer skills, with developed skills in the use of software and programs necessary for journalists and managers;
  • The ability to manage and organize the work of the entire team, presenting high leadership skills, along with communication virtues, timeliness, reliability, flexibility, self-initiative, commitment, and implementation of the objectives and tasks of BIRN Montenegro;
  • Virtues, such as morality, integrity and credibility;
  • The fulfilment of legal requirements for this type of position.

Structure of position:  

The successful candidate will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the entire business strategy of BIRN Montenegro, through the execution of work, tasks and operations, the implementation of respective activities, and the management and supervision of the BIRN Montenegro team. It will also be their responsibility to report to donors, the Assembly and the Director of the BIRN Regional Network.

Brief description of the position:

  • Formal establishment and registration of BIRN Montenegro in accordance with legal requirements and related tasks;
  • BIRN Hub has already secured funding for 18 months, when it expects the Executive Director to engage in the preparation of plans and strategies to further develop and stabilize the organization’s financial standing and establish the overall strategy;
  • Organizing work, supervising the implementation of plans and work tasks; financial supervision of the work of BIRN Montenegro, on a daily and long-term basis;
  • Implementation of currently planned tasks and activities, and the development of existing and new projects through the promotion of new ideas;
  • Constant communication with existing and new donors and partners;
  • Developing and maintaining positive relations with the donor community in the country and abroad, civil society organizations, the media and relevant authorities;
  • Presenting the organization and network in Montenegro by maintaining a positive image of the Network and building the credibility of BIRN Montenegro and the entire BIRN Network in the country and abroad;
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules and procedures of the Network, to which BIRN Montenegro is a signatory, and participating in the events and projects of the Network;
  • Continuous work on the provision of funds for financing the organization and implementing planned activities and tasks;
  • Reporting to donors (including financial operations in particular), the Assembly of BIRN Montenegro, the Assembly and Steering Committee of the BIRN network, as well as local authorities on the activities of the BIRN team;
  • Arranging for an external auditor to conduct the annual audit and continually working on ensuring compliance with anti-corruption activities in public procurement and in business in general, as defined by national and international laws and the regulations of the BIRN Regional Network;
  • Effective liaison with BIRN Network management and staff throughout the region with the aim of supporting and implementing regional strategy and activities;

If you are eligible for this vacancy, please submit your motivation letter, CV and relevant supporting documents, no later than 1 August 2022, to the email: [email protected]