Syzana Firza

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Finance Officer

Syzana joined BIRN Kosovo as part-time finance officer in September 2005 and is responsible for compiling financial reports, filing and recording all incoming and outgoing documents, registering all revenue and spending, and other financial related duties.

Syzana started her career as an administrative officer in 1992 at EUROKOS, a legal and financial consulting agency, and a real estate agency, where her responsibilities included establishing and facilitating contacts with clients, maintaining files and records and executing other administrative inquiries.

In 2000, Syzana was hired as a financial officer for NORMA, a lawyers’ association based in Pristina, where she is still employed part-time.

Syzana participated in an ,Election Observation and Human Rights Monitoring” training, organised by the Human Rights Center, in April 2001. She studied economics at the University of Pristina.