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BIRN Kosovo launched its biweekly English-language newspaper, Prishtina Insight, in September 2008.

BIRN prints more than 2,000 copies of the newspaper every two weeks. These were initially distributed for free to prominent points across Pristina and other Kosovo cities, including embassies, international agencies and cafes and bars. The PDF version of the newspaper was also sent for free to around 100 representatives of media outlets and other local and international organisations, such as the BBC, RTK, AUK, UNDP, EULEX, OSCE, World Bank, ICG and IPKO. Since March 2010, Prishtina Insight has launched paid subscriptions to the newspaper. Embassies, international and local organisations, NGOs, and other institutions and individuals have since subscribed to 13 issues.

The newspaper has earned a very strong reputation among international and local decision-makers. Prishtina Insight’s in-depth investigations have also regularly been republished in full in the Albanian-language press, ensuring a wider and more diverse audience for our work.

Prishtina Insight has consistently demanded accountability from both international and domestic bodies and officials. Stories have included an investigation into Kosovo Central Bank, as well as into the contract to build Kosovo’s first highway. Both investigations looked back at earlier decisions and involved trawling through scores of documents to uncover the truth, and provided new, important insight. These stories, along with many others published in the newspaper, ensured that international and local officials were held to account.

The newspaper is also helping to increase cooperation between NGO, donors and civil society in general. This has been ensured through regular features about NGOs and news about civil society and community events. Calls for volunteers published in the newspaper, for example, have resulted in higher-than-average volunteer turnouts.

December 2012 marks the 100th
edition of Prishtina Insight.