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BIRN Kosovo’s Albanian language news portal, launched in 2011, can be found at

Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë (G-JnK) contains investigations, creative analysis, powerful columns and updates on current affairs in Europe’s newest country.

The website was widely promoted through interviews and appearances on national television and radios shows, and G-JnKhas established itself as an important source of information for people living in Kosovo and abroad.
Visitor numbers are increasing weekly.

G-JnK articles have been republished and cited in established outlets, such as
Koha Ditore, Gazeta Express, Indeksonline,
Zeri. Stories published in G-JnK have already secured BIRN two awards at December’s UN Development Programme (UNDP) Anti-Corruption Reporting Awards.

In the first three months of operation, BIRN produced more than 150 in-depth analytical investigations, dealing with topics such as politics, economics, society, environment, justice and health, as well as education and gender issues; around 2,000 news items, including features from all of the municipalities covered by BIRN’s field staff; fifteen profiles of controversial individuals, which garnered much media attention; and about 100 columns dealing with the most interesting current affairs issues in Kosovo.

Each week,

also offers up a tongue-in-cheek look at recent events with its topical cartoon.

BIRN launched the G-JnK website at the annual event held to celebrate the new season of
Life in Kosovo
in October 2011 at the National Museum of Kosovo. This event was attended by high-profile decision-makers and other stakeholders from the local, national and international communities, including deputy prime ministers and ministers, MPs, mayors, ambassadors and other diplomatic staff, civil society representatives, and journalists.

G-JnK has a Twitter and Facebook fan page through which thousands of people read, share and follow BIRN Kosovo’s investigations, analysis, columns, news and other articles.