BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting Website

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The website of the BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting provides information about upcoming summer school sessions, the curriculum, venue, training materials and video footage.

The site also includes investigations by Summer School participants, news and events, photo galleries, and a link to purchase
Digging Deeper, BIRN’s Guide for Investigative Journalistsin the Balkans, which is available in both English and Serbian.

BIRN has thus far organised three Summer Schools- in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2010, Opatija, Croatia, in 2011, and Mavrovo, Macedonia in 2012.

Each year, over the course of the five-day summer school, participants address issues of corruption and organised crime through training sessions, practical work, case studies and panel discussions.

Access: BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting, website