Balkan Transitional Justice

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The Balkan Transitional Justice website, serves as the hub for the news, analysis and opinion articles from the Balkans that are produced for BIRN’s Regional Reporting on Transitional Justice Issues programme.

The Balkan Transitional Justice website is a subsite of Balkan Insight and the content is avaialble in four languages: Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian, Macedonian and English.

Visitors to the site can find daily news articles, as well as analysis and opinion, all produced by six locally-based specialized journalists – the Transitional Justice Regional Journalistic Team.

The site has special focus pages that address hot topics such as war crime trials, including the trials of Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic before the ICTY, as well as organ trafficking, missing people, reparation, truth-seeking initiatives and regional cooperation, among others. All the content can be filtered by country.

BIRN also distributes a daily newsletter, ,Balkan Transitional Justice Daily, which covers transitional justice in the region using material from the site, and is available in English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin, Albanian and Macedonian.

In addition, the Balkan Transitional Justice website hosts episodes of the radio programme Roads to Justice, whichprovides regional monthly reports on transitional justice issues in Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin and Macedonian languages that are free for download and broadcast.

It will also soon host TV Regional Justice, a project currently in development which will include a series of six documentaries and one film tracking the investigative work of six young journalists from the Balkan region.

The website contains extensive information on Regional Reporting on Transitional Justice Issues programme, with team biographies, news, and details of the topics addressed by the programme, as well as a list of donors.