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Life in Podujeva, with a Dream for Water

What do the citizens of Podujeva expect from their future mayor? The future mayor of Podujeva will struggle to solve

The Stagnated Development of Drenas

Will the future mayor of Drenas manage to solve its many problems? The future mayor of Drenas, a municipality famous

Flooding and poor preservation of musical heritage in Gjakova

What challenges will the next mayor of Gjakova face? The Municipality of Gjakova once had 26 factories, which today have

The municipality of palm trees and waste

Known for its history and national renaissance in the 19th century, Kaçanik now suffers from environmental degradation. The riverside downtown

The ‘Agricultural Capital’ with Many Problems

What are the problems and challenges that the next mayor of Rahovec will face? Based on a Life in Kosovo

In Kamenica, a Surplus of Professors and a Shortage of Gynecologists

What solutions will the next mayor of Kamenica bring for the municipality’s problems?   The Municipality of Kamenica, inhabited by

Insufficient citizen services in Suhareka

What problems in Suhareka will the mayor have to solve after October 22? BIRN Kosovo’s mayoral debate series #DebatPernime has

The Old Problems of the Old City

What problems will the mayor of Vushtrri have to face after this year’s local elections? Vushtrri, which has around 65

The Municipality that aims to be the City with No Bus Stations

What are the problems that the next mayor of Shtime will face in the aftermath of October 22nd? Illegal landfills,

Obilic: A Synonym of Pollution

What are the responsibilities of the next mayor of Obilic in the aftermath of October 22? Obilic has become synonymous

The Lake for Recreation and the Collector of Sewage

What are the problems and challenges the next mayor of Malisheva will face? Malisheva, with the support of the local

Tourism Potential, Ruined by Waste and Unemployment

Dragash, also known as Sharri, is a municipality associated with natural beauty that could be used for mountainous tourism development.

‘A Strong Competition’ between Peja’s Natural Beauties and its Garbage

What responsibilities will the Mayor of Peja have after the October 22 elections? There are two women and five men

Investments into Klina’s Pedestrian Zone don’t Satisfy Citizens’ Thirst

What are the problems and challenges which the future mayor of Klina will have to solve? There are five candidates

Fushë Kosovë struggles with landfill and sewage management

What are the problems in Fushë Kosovë that will be transferred to the next mayoral mandate? The Municipality of Fushë