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This Year, for the Third Time in a Row, BIRN Kosovo and Internews Kosova’s Complaints Result in Fines for Political Entities

On October 20th, 2017, Kosovo’s Elections Complaints and Appeals Panel, ECAP, imposed  fines worth a total of 20,150 thousand euros

BIRN’s Weapons Investigation Wins Online Poll

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s investigative story The Pentagon's $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria has been selected as the best article by voters in a Forum on the Arms Trade online poll recognising exemplary reporting in articles published from July 1 to September 30, the organisers announced on Wednesday.

Novo Brdo, A Municipality with Tourist Potential but Few Investments

Will the future mayor of Novo Brdo manage to solve all of its problems? The Municipality of Novo Brdo is

Lipjan: A municipality of contaminated waters

Will the future mayor of Lipjan address the residents’ grievances? In the population assessment conducted in 2012, the municipality of

Millionaire mayoral candidates race for Viti

Will the next Mayor of Viti manage to solve its problems? Four men are vying for the position of mayor

BIRN Kosovo and Internews Kosova’s Complaints Once Again Result in Fines for Political Entities

On October 17, 2017, Kosovo’s Elections Complaints and Appeals Panel, ECAP, delivered fines worth a total of 18 thousand euros

Life in Podujeva, with a Dream for Water

What do the citizens of Podujeva expect from their future mayor? The future mayor of Podujeva will struggle to solve

The Stagnated Development of Drenas

Will the future mayor of Drenas manage to solve its many problems? The future mayor of Drenas, a municipality famous

In Kamenica, a Surplus of Professors and a Shortage of Gynecologists

What solutions will the next mayor of Kamenica bring for the municipality’s problems?   The Municipality of Kamenica, inhabited by

Insufficient citizen services in Suhareka

What problems in Suhareka will the mayor have to solve after October 22? BIRN Kosovo’s mayoral debate series #DebatPernime has

‘A Strong Competition’ between Peja’s Natural Beauties and its Garbage

What responsibilities will the Mayor of Peja have after the October 22 elections? There are two women and five men

Investments into Klina’s Pedestrian Zone don’t Satisfy Citizens’ Thirst

What are the problems and challenges which the future mayor of Klina will have to solve? There are five candidates

Fushë Kosovë struggles with landfill and sewage management

What are the problems in Fushë Kosovë that will be transferred to the next mayoral mandate? The Municipality of Fushë

Deçan’s Poor Road Conditions for Pedestrians and Drivers

What are the duties of the future mayor of the Municipality of Deçan? There are five candidates running for the

The Old Troubles of the New Municipality

What problems will the Mayor of Hani I Elezit confront after October 22? Two men and one woman have entered