BIRN Serbia Sectors


BIRN's office in Serbia contributes to the network's regional initiatives, while also producing news, analysis and invesigative reports for a variety of publications. BIRN Serbia also advocates for good governance through public outreach and monitoring.


BIRN Serbia's media production includes both English-language and local language news and analysis of current events and social and economic issues in the country as well as interactive websites that encourage Serbians to examine the work of the public sector and ethnic relations.

Publishing and Broadcasting

BIRN Serbia's team produces daily news reports and analysis, as well as writing and investigations for a variety of publications.

Journalists at BIRN Serbia write daily news reports and in-depth analysis for Balkan Insight, as well as articles for the biweekly Belgrade Insight newspaper.

BIRN Serbia also wrote analysis and commentary for the“Skockajte budzet” website, which examined Serbia's public finances, and contribute to a special section of the Balkan Insight website covering Southern Serbia. 


BIRN's team in Serbia aims to advocate for an improved media scene in the country, working especially to encourage public involvement in the process.

BIRN Serbia implemented a “5 dime for media” campaign, which coincided with the public debate over the adoption of an official Media Strategy.

The campaign, which included workshops, online efforts and a street activity, was designed to mobilize citizens and NGOs to understand the debate over the strategy, and keep the topic high on the public agenda.


BIRN Serbia works to build capacity by training local journalists and creating a space for coverage of pressing issues in the country.

As part of the capacity-building effort, journalists were trained to cover public spending in Serbia, and training sessions were held for the Albanian National Minority Council and representatives of local self-governments.

In addition, regular in-house trainings were held for BIRN Serbia journalists. BIRN Serbia journalists also participate in regional trainings.

Good Governance

The goal of BIRN Serbia's good governance programmes is to track reforms in Serbia, facilitate public dialogue, influence decision makers and increase public participation in political processes.


BIRN's team in Serbia works to promote good governance across the country through publications and public events.

BIRN Serbia advocates good governance through the organisation of events such as public debates, parliamentary hearings, budget forums, workshops and participatory budgeting, with the goal of enhancing public dialogue, particularly between ethnic minorities and the government.

Capacity building

BIRN Serbia has facilitated public dialogue on crucial issues, ranging from the status of ethnic minorities to public finances.

Key stakeholders, including state representatives, other decision-makers, the NGO sector, experts, students, and media, are involved in the process of building capacity and actively participate in our events, contributing to mapping some crucial issues and points of future intervention.

Monitoring and Research

BIRN Serbia monitors public finances and state institutions, both through reports and events that draw public awareness to pertinent issues.

For three years in a row, BIRN Serbia has been monitoring media reports on the adoption of the state budget in parliament, tracing reporting trends and quality, and changes in professional standards.

BIRN Serbia also organised two focus group discussions with ethnic Albanians in Bujanovac and Presevo in South Serbia, allowing them to openly state their opinions about the performance of the local media and quality of content they offer.

The main results of the research show local people are dissatisfied with the programmes offered, with low reporting standards and with political propaganda.

The office also analysed the websites of local governments in Serbia, assessing their ability to use the Internet as a resource for increasing efficiency in communication with citizens and improvement of their own services.


BIRN Serbia organises a number of events to promote good governance, ranging from online gatherings to public debates and hearings and focus groups.

Recent events included the 5 Dime for Media, focus groups on ethnic minorities and their relationship with the country's media, and virtual and actual conferences on Serbia's public finances.

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