BIRN Serbia People


Aleksandar Đorđević


Aleksandar Đorđevic has worked as a journalist since 2009, mainly covering politics and public finance.

Ana Novaković


Ana Novaković is a journalist from Serbia with experience in electronic and print media.

Dragana Sretenović

Social Media Editor

Dragana Sretenović has worked for BIRN Serbia since November 2015.

Dragana Žarković Obradović

Country Director
Regional Manager, Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence

Under Dragana's leadership, BIRN Serbia has been recognised for its professionalism and its ability to influence the public agenda in the fields of media development and good governance.

Gabrijela Vukićević

Finance Officer

Gabrijela Vukićević joined BIRN Serbia as finance officer in October 2016.

Jelena Veljkovic


Jelena Veljkovic has worked as a journalist since 1992, mostly covering topics of politics, public finance, corruption and war crimes.

Kalina Simić

Project Manager

Kalina Simic joined BIRN Serbia in August 2012 as a project manager.

Lada Vučenović

Project Coordinator

Lada Vučenović joined the BIRN Serbia team in January 2010.

Slobodan Georgiev

Project Coordinator

Slobodan Georgiev is Belgrade based journalist and he serves as programme coordinator in BIRN Serbia.

Tanja Maksic

Programme coordinator

Tanja Maksić has been a member of the BIRN Serbia team since 2010. She develops and manages projects in the field of media policy and good governance.

Vesna Bjekić (1952-2014)

Administrative Officer

Over the course of her journalism career, Vesna has worked with Politika, 4 Jul, YU Panorama, Revijalna Stampa, many local Serbian newspapers, and Croatian weekly Danas.

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