BIRN Kosovo People


Isa Vatovci


Isa Vatovci has been part of the team since September 2018.

Jeta Xharra

Country Director, Kosovo

Jeta Xharra is a renowned journalist in Kosovo and Balkans, hosting the award-winning current-affairs TV programme, Life in Kosovo.

Jeton Ispahiu

Video Editor

With international experience in media production, Jeton Ispahiu joined BIRN in 2008. He is responsible for providing video editing and final touches for the Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo television programmes.

Labinot Leposhtica

Monitor and Researcher

Labinot has monitored court sessions for BIRN Kosovo for almost two years.

Liridona Ademaj


Liridona has been part of BIRN since July 2018 as a journalist.

Luljeta Pacolli Paloja

Administration and Finance Assistant

Luljeta Pacolli-Paloja joined BIRN Kosovo team in March 2018 as an intern for Administration and Finance. She now works as an Administration and Finance Assistant.

Lum Ademi

Finance Manager

Lum joined BIRN in September 2009 as Chief of Finance and Operations Officer. His duties include preparing finance reports for donors, as well as drawing up budgets for specific projects.

Perparim Isufi

Managing Editor,

Perparim Isufi joined BIRN Kosovo in May 2014 and currently serves as the managing editor of

Rona Rushiti Begolli

Financial Analyst and Project Coordinator

Rona joined the staff of BIRN Kosovo in December 2018 as a Project Coordinator and Financial Analyst.

Rrahman Ramaj

Financial Analyst

Rrahman Ramaj is a financial analyst for BIRN Kosovo.

Tringa Rruka

Monitor of Public Services

Tringa graduated from the law school at the University of South East Europe in Tetovo, Macedonia.

Viktor Berishaj

Project Manager

Viktor has been a Project Manager at BIRN Kosovo since January 2019, and has extensive knowledge in economics, sustainable development and culture, and experience of over ten years in these fields.

Xheneta Murtezaj

Junior Journalist

Xheneta Murtezaj has been engaged as a journalist at since July 2018, initially as an intern, and within a few months was promoted to the position of Junior Journalist.

Yllka Hoxha

Finance and Human Resources Manager

Yllka has been the Finance and Human Resources Manager at BIRN Kosovo since February 2019.


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