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Ferizaj’s ‘Boxcars’ of Problems

What will Ferizaj’s next mayor face on the first day in office? BIRN Kosovo’s mayoral debate series #DebatPernime (#RealDebates) has

Indictment Raised Against Judge Involved in Bribery

An indictment was raised against a judge in Decan on October 11 following a BIRN and Internews Kosova investigation into an alleged bribery case.

Internews Kosova and BIRN Kosovo Target Youth with Lectures on Preventing Violent Extremism

On October 3 and 4, 2017, BIRN Kosovo and its partner Internews Kosova organized four lectures for high school students in Kosovo to discuss the ills that ideologies of violent extremism cause.

Local election debates: From ‘Life in Kosovo’ to ‘Life in Macedonia’

BIRN Kosovo’s team has been organizing election debates for almost a decade now, and this year, a new location will be tackled: BIRN Kosovo Director and debate moderator Jeta Xharra and her team are applying their format to municipal candidate debates in Albanian-majority municipalities in Macedonia.

BIRN Kosovo Co-partners with USAID’s New Initiative to Promote Judicial Transparency

On September 28, a new project aiming to promote transparency in Kosovo’s judicial sector was launched.

BIRN Produces Mayoral Debates for Kosovo’s Upcoming Municipal Elections

BIRN Kosovo, in collaboration with Internews Kosova, has been producing and airing mayoral candidate debates prior to Kosovo’s upcoming municipal elections, set for October 22.

BIRN Kosovo’s Justice in Kosovo Show Wins “Best Anti-Corruption Story” Award

On December 8, the team behind the weekly BIRN Kosovo broadcast show “Justice in Kosovo”, was awarded the prize for

BIRN Articles Quoted in International Reports

Articles and reports published by BIRN in recent months have been quoted and referenced in various European publications about media, minorities, democratisation, foreign fighters and radicalisation.

BIRN and Kosovo Women’s Network to Monitor Gender-Based Violence

July 2017 marks the beginning of a new initiative to monitor gender-based violence cases in Kosovo. BIRN and Kosovo Women’s Network officially joined forces on July 21st, when representatives from KWN offered a training for BIRN monitors on the best practices for monitoring how gender-based violence is treated in Kosovo. Special focus will be given to domestic and sexual violence against women and girls.

BIRN Investigation Shortlisted for International Prize

An investigation by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has been shortlisted for the prestigious Global Shining Light Award.

Pressure Rises on Journalists in the Balkans

Weakening EU and US influence in the Balkans and increased Russian influence, as well as growing political and economic pressures on journalists, have created a harsher environment for Balkan media, BIRN’s biennial meeting heard.

BIRN – Regional Network Director

Outstanding individual sought for this exciting post, heading up the work of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network, BIRN Hub, the unique media development and human rights organisation in the Balkans. BIRN's hard-hitting reporting and analysis has gained an unparalleled reputation in the 12 years since it was founded.

BIRN Wins Four EU Investigative Journalism Awards

The 2017 regional scheme of the EU awarding investigative journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey, for the best investigative stories published in 2016, has come to an end.

Nataliya Apostolova Urges Kosovo Law Students to Vote at a Forum Organized by BIRN Kosovo

On May 30th, students from the University of Prishtina’s, UP, Faculty of Law engaged in a discussion with the Head of EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, moderated by BIRN Kosovo Executive Director Jeta Xharra. 

BIRN Kosovo Organizes a Discussion between Law Students and the Head of EULEX

On May 25th, law students in Kosovo enjoyed an interactive discussion with Alexandra Papadopoulou, the Head of European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, at a forum organized by BIRN Kosovo in collaboration with the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Law. 

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