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After starting with fewer than five staff, BIRN Kosovo has since evolved into a comprehensive media organisation, employing journalists and editorial, administrative and technical staff in the production of high-quality investigative and analytical reporting.

BIRN Kosovo now fields a team of 45 fulltime professionals as well as 16 local and international consultants that work in the development and implementation of on-going programmes.

An independent, non-governmental organisation, BIRN Kosovo exists to provide momentum to the democratic transition process, promoting accountability, rule of law and policy reform.

BIRN Kosovo’s approach is to combine its projects with those of the regional BIRN Network with a view to long-term sustainability of results and institutions.

BIRN Kosovo in particular aims to serve as a watchdog of public institutions, monitoring the work of governing and public institutions and supporting their reform and their path towards meeting the criteria and standards of the European Union.

In addition, through the production of quality and impartial TV debates and training of youth on argumentation and debating skills, BIRN aims to promote and encourage a culture of debate in Kosovo.

BIRN’s vision is to secure its position as the premier Kosovo investigative and analytical journalism organisation, addressing the need for objective, quality, sustainable reporting on the country’s many challenges in the arena of politics, economics and EU integration.

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