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BIRN Hub, registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implements multi-annual media development programmes across the Balkans, designs and controls the implementation of commercial activities implemented by BIRN Ltd, the company registered in Belgrade, works on capacity-building of the network as a whole and ensures that the Network Regulation Rules, signed between members and the Hub, are upheld.

In November 2011, the Hub finalised the process of forming a new BIRN Hub Board. The previous members,  directors of local member organisations, moved to the Steering Committee of BIRN Hub.

The BIRN Hub Board has responsibility for major decisions related to the network’s strategy, adopts the annual report of the Regional Network Director, Gordana Igric, and ensures that the Network Regulation Rules are upheld. It assists the Regional Network Director in designing programmes and other operational matters as opportunities or needs dictate.

The Steering Committee, composed of representatives of BIRN members of the network and the Regional Director, acts as a hands-on operational body to ensure that the network continues to maintain high standards.

BIRN Hub trains at least 100 journalists annually from throughout the Balkans, both on-the-job and through formal workshops, in news reporting, analysis and investigative reporting.

BIRN's editing and publishing activities can be found on Balkan Insight, where it provides an open-content daily news service (now averaging 16 news items daily).

Likewise, at least 350 premium content articles are produced annually (analyses, features, investigations, comments, profiles and other news genres) for subscribers to Balkan Insight’s closed premium content service.

More efforts are also being made to translate premium content into local languages, so it can be republished in local media outlets in the region. BIRN feels it is important to be present in the local media scene in the Balkans if it is to help steer public debate and raise levels of awareness on important issues.

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