Monitoring of Public Services

BIRN Kosovo monitors public services in the country, focusing on three main areas: the rule of law, education and health. The team drafts reports based on its findings and makes recommendations for improvements.

Location: Kosovo Duration: 2011


The BIRN Kosovo team monitors the country's courts and public services, and reports on police and justice issues. They carry out systematic assessments of the performances of courts, hospitals and schools, and produce annual in-depth analytical reports on the fields of justice, education and health. BIRN Kosovo observes the procedures used by judges, prosecutors and other court officials, while also monitoring judicial reform in the country.

The monitoring programme aims to enhance independence, transparency and accountability in the country, and aims to increase public pressure on individuals in positions of power through TV debates. The programme is carried out by 14 highly skilled and professional monitors who systematically assess the performance of courts, hospitals and schools by continuously collecting quantitative and qualitative data.

The monitoring programme reaches an audience across Kosovo, including under-represented communities, local and regional CSOs, media outlets, public institutions and political representatives, and the international community.

BIRN Kosovo's monitoring team partners with Internews Kosova; Kosovo’s Public broadcaster, RTK, BIRN HUB; INPO in Ferizaj; CBM in Mitrovica; “Syri i Vizionit” in Peja; the BIRN regional office in Sarajevo; the Youth Initiative for Human Rights; Media Center in Gracanica.

BIRN Kosovo's monitoring efforts are supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, represented by the European Commission Liaison Office, ECLO, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The programme was previously also supported by the National Democratic Institute, NDI.

Information Sheet

Main Objective:
  • Detect real problems stemming from political, economic and social issues, focusing on three most challenging areas – the rule of law, education and health – report on these issues and provide recommendations for tackling the problems identified.
Specific Objectives:
  • Enhance independence, transparency and accountability, thus improving them
  • Increasing public pressure on those in positions of power through TV debates
Main Activities: Target Groups:
  • Kosovo’s overall population
  • Under-represented communities
  • Local and regional CSOs
  • Media institutions
  • Public institutions and political representatives
  • The international community
  • Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo TV Programmes have a viewership of 350,000 viewers per week

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