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Anisa Sućeska-Vekić

Country Director
Programme Manager, Balkan Transitional Justice

Anisa is the director of BIRN's Bosnia and Herzegovina office in Sarajevo.

Previously, she worked with several leading EU and UN institutions and donor groups. She has worked in administration and planning units, beginning with the OSCE in 1996 in the Elections Department in Bosnia, and later in Kosovo as Operations Manager.

She has served as a civil society coordinator for Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers at ICVA, Millenium Development Goals, and Gender Programmes at the UNDP. Anisa moved to Iran in 2004, working as Chief of Support for the International Organization for Migration. In 2006 she served as a Program Manager at Women for Women International in Bosnia.

A member of several development groups in Bosnia, Anisa has worked as a consultant and evaluator for projects on gender, civil society, sustainability, and social and cultural development in the Balkans. Since January 2007, her work has focused on the role of the media and civil society in the localisation of war crimes in Bosnia.

Anisa became director of BIRN Bosnia in 2008. In her capacity as Programme Manager, she has been in charge of the Justice Report Programme and all related projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Regional Balkan Transitional Justice project.

Anisa obtained her Bachelor's degree in painting at the Art Academy in Sarajevo and then completed a Master's in Gender Studies at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Sarajevo. In 2012, Anisa completed a Master's in International and Public Law at the American University in Sarajevo. She has completed a number of trainings and obtained certificates in management, finance and administration, development, evaluation and monitoring, and public relations.