The Breaches of the Judge Elmaze Fazliu

On July 21, Justice in Kosovo discussed about how the judge Elmaze Fazliu ended a case in one day where the head of “Croatia Sigurim”, Gresa Shabani, was accused.

The conflict between the prosecution and police of Kosovo

On May, 19, 2013, Justice in Kosovo discussed the conflict between the Police of Kosovo and the Prosecution. In the end, Justice in Kosovo broadcasts the a report about how the disciplinary commission in the Kosova Advocate Chamber operates.

The execution of the Law of Amnesty

Kosovo Correction Service, which is supervised by the Ministry of Justice, submitted in the Basic Courts a list with the names of approximately 350 prisoners who will benefit from the Amnesty Law. Many of those that were sentenced, accused and were under investigations were in that list, but the heads of the judicial system in Kosovo are not to approve all of those. Part of this list were also some high-profile cases like Enver Sekiraqa, Faton Hajrizi, Nazmi Mustafi, Zarko Veselinovic.

The investigations for statutory limitation of cases

During April 2013, Justice in Kosovo reported that a number of sentenced persons that were meant to suffer the sentence were transported illegally and were not sent to the correction center. The suspicions were raised after they found out that the court has no evidence that they were accepted in the correction center. Two months after this report, Justice in Kosovo found out that the Kosovo Judicial Council asked the Correction Service to verify if they were accepted or not in the correction center. From this verification it was found out that around 50 sentenced persons were not accepted in the correction center.


The Paper Trail Focus Page

The Paper Trail focus page provides a central access point for all the investigations, reports and documents generated as part of the A Paper Trail to Better Governance project. 


The Transparency of Judiciary and Responsibility of the Media: Report from the Regional Conference

This regional conference, organised by BIRN in September 2009, aimed at bridging the gap between the judiciary, local government and media representatives from the Balkan region.


Time for Truth: Review of the Work of the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005-2010

Time for Truth provides the first complete summary of all ongoing and closed cases at the Court of BiH and the Appellate Court from 2005 – 2010.


TV Justice Monthly Magazine

TV Justice is a television programme covering war crimes trials and the process of facing the past as well as a wide array of topics related to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1990s.



BIRN Albania has published a special focus page on its popular Albanian language portal – Reporter.al – focusing on the country’s territorial and administrative reform as well as the June 21 local elections.