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4 February 16 bfje-and-alumni-initiative-investigations-reach-big-audiences

BFJE and Alumni Initiative Investigations Reach Big Audiences

Stories by reporters on the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence and alumni of the programme have reached large international audiences in recent months.

1 February 16 call-for-balkan-fellowship-for-journalistic-excellence-2016

Call for Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence 2016

Do you have an idea for a big story? Do you want to write and report it to the highest standards, with quality editorial support and a generous expenses budget that lets you explore your subject in depth? Would you like that story to be published across southeast Europe and perhaps make international impact?

28 January 16 birn-macedonia-issues-another-call-for-an-investigative-story-domestic-and-other-forms-of-violence-against-women-2

BIRN Macedonia Issues Another Call for an Investigative Story: Domestic and Other Forms of Violence Against Women

Following a workshop on Domestic and Other Forms of Violence in December 2015, held as part of an integrated awareness campaign, BIRN is pleased to announce its call for an investigative story on the same subject.

27 January 16 birn-kosovo-reports-win-media-awards

BIRN Kosovo Reports Win Media Awards

Journalists from BIRN Kosovo’s ‘Justice in Kosovo’ and Gazeta Jeta ne Kosove were awarded top prizes at the Annual Journalistic Awards in Pristina on January 15.

27 January 16 birn-albania-self-censorship-study-discussed-in-parliament

BIRN Albania Self-Censorship Study Discussed in Parliament

The media commission in Albania’s parliament held a hearing on January 25 dedicated to BIRN Albania’s study, A Blind Eye on News: Self-Censorship in the Albanian Media.

30 December 15 bfje-alumni-network-expands-in-2015

BFJE Alumni Network Expands in 2015

Each year after the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence programme ends, the BFJE Alumni Network grows, and in 2015 it produced seven in-depth articles.

30 December 15 citizens-choose-favourite-projects-in-participatory-budgeting

Citizens Choose Favourite Projects in Participatory Budgeting

After proposing and voting on projects, ordinary people in ten participating municipalities have selected the ones that they want to see financed from their municipal budgets.

25 December 15 skopje-2014-uncovered-gets-mobile-app

“Skopje 2014 Uncovered” Gets Mobile App

BIRN Macedonia has developed an interactive app for Android devices called “Skopje 2014 Uncovered” that allows users to know the cost of buildings and monuments that form part of the government sponsored revamp of the capital.

22 December 15 trust-slipping-in-balkan-police-tv-show-says

Trust Slipping in Balkan Police, TV Show Says

People are losing trust in the police in the Western Balkans, a special TV show broadcast by the regional television network N1 Info channel in cooperation with BIRN Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo concluded.

9 December 15 birn-kosovo-wins-two-anti-corruption-awards

BIRN Kosovo Wins Two Anti-Corruption Awards

BIRN’s ‘Justice in Kosovo’ (‘Drejtësia në Kosovë’) TV programme and Life in Kosovo (Jeta në Kosovë) newspaper won awards for anti-corruption investigations on the international day against corruption.

9 December 15 balkan-fellowship-for-journalistic-excellence-winners-chosen

Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence Winners Chosen

Zornitsa Stoilova was awarded first prize for the best story from the 2015 Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence programme at a closing ceremony in Tirana on Friday.

4 December 15 birn-albania-launches-video-against-self-censorship

BIRN Albania Launches Video against Self-Censorship

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania has released a two-minute video, seeking to raise awareness among the public, media professionals and decision-makers about widespread self-censorship in the media.

2 December 15

Fellowship Closing Seminar To Be Held in Tirana

Ten talented journalists from across the region will reunite in Tirana after eight months of hard work to discuss their cross-border stories, produced as part of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence.

1 December 15 birn-launches-balkan-extremism-reporting-project

BIRN Launches Balkan Extremism Reporting Project

BIRN Hub began a new project focused on online reporting on extremism in the Balkans with two days of training for journalists from across the region.

1 December 15 big-deal-kosovo-serbia-dialogue-split-asunder

BIG DEAL: Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue ‘Split Asunder’

Only four of 16 agreements between Belgrade and Prishtina reached in Brussels since 2011 have been fully implemented, shows the most recent report by BIG DEAL, a civic oversight initiative on the Kosovo-Serbia negotiations. It is the same number as observed in the previous report six months ago.

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