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28 April 16 birn-albania-holds-training-on-local-gov-and-foi-law

BIRN Albania Holds Training on Local Gov. and FOI Law

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania held a three day training for local journalists from across the country from April 16th to April 19th in the coastal city of Durres. 

27 April 16 tenth-edition-of-bfje-launched-in-vienna

Tenth Edition of BFJE Launched in Vienna

The tenth Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence got underway in Vienna with a multimedia workshop, reporting/writing tips and tailored editorial guidance for 10 new fellows from across the Balkan region.

21 April 16 big-deal-the-association-should-not-be-prioritized-over-rule-of-law

BIG DEAL: The Association should not be prioritized over rule of law

On Tuesday, April 19, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Internews Kosova held a roundtable to launch and discuss the most recent publication by BIG DEAL,  a civic oversight initiative on the Kosovo-Serbia negotiations.

21 April 16

Government to stop with witch hunt

BIRN Serbia calls representatives of the Serbian government to stop deceiving the public and participating in the campaign against civil society organisations, which report professionally and objectively on the work of Serbian institutions.

20 April 16 birn-praised-for-good-practice-in-journalism

BIRN Praised for Good Practice in Journalism

Media experts and journalists from south-east Europe who met to discuss how to preserve journalistic integrity said that only a few media in the region, including BIRN, were serving as role models.

18 April 16 birn-serbia-launches-government-performance-report-1

BIRN Serbia Launches Government Performance Report

Much-needed reforms are still being delayed and persistent problems such as corruption have yet to be tackled, says the latest Government Performance Report from BIRN Serbia.

30 March 16 birn-macedonia-lifts-lid-on-farm-subsidies

BIRN Macedonia Lifts Lid on Farm Subsidies


Following the Skopje 2014 Uncovered database, BIRN Macedonia is promoting a second database, on how much the government spends on agricultural subsidies and who gets them.


23 March 16 meps-deplore-defamation-threat-against-birn-albania

MEPs ‘Deplore’ Defamation Threat Against BIRN Albania

In an amendment to the draft-resolution on Albania’s reform progress in 2015, two members of the European Parliament have expressed strong worded condemnation of a defamation threat issues against BIRN Albania from local officials, on the heels of investigation that exposed the criminal background of a number of mayor candidates in the June 2015 local elections.

23 March 16 osce-political-influence-undermines-serbia-s-prosecution

OSCE: Political Influence Undermines Serbia’s Prosecution

The way that Serbia’s State Prosecutorial Council is run raises concerns because it allows political influence on its election procedure, the OSCE Mission in Serbia told BIRN Serbia.

10 March 16 birn-albania-holds-training-on-asset-declarations-of-judges

BIRN Albania Holds Training on Asset Declarations of Judges

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania held a training session on March 9th in Tirana on the investigative techniques used to expose the illicit wealth of officials in the justice system.  

7 March 16 serbian-pm-repeats-criticism-of-birn-investigation

Serbian PM Repeats Criticism of BIRN Investigation

Serbian premier Aleksandar Vucic said he stood by his claim that BIRN lied in an investigation into a government contract, but insisted that he never describes independent media as ‘foreign mercenaries’.

3 March 16 birn-macedonia-wins-investigative-reporting-award

BIRN Macedonia Wins Investigative Reporting Award

BIRN Macedonia was awarded the prestigious "Nikola Mladenov" award for investigative reporting for the "Skopje 2014 Uncovered" database and series of investigative reports about the grand revamp of the capital.

1 March 16

BIRN Bolsters Social Media Expertise

Communication officers from across the BIRN Network gathered in Serbia’s capital on February 23-24 for an intensive training session focused on social media.

1 March 16 bfje-alumna-barbara-matejcic-s-new-publication

BFJE Alumna Barbara Matejcic’s New Publication

New work by Fellow from 2009 looks at the challenging experiences of people rejected or ignored by wider society.

1 March 16 birn-albania-seeks-organized-crime-investigations

BIRN Albania Seeks Organized Crime Investigations

Grants offered for three journalists to cover organized crime stories as well as mentoring by experienced editors.

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