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Belgrade Insight is BIRN's English-language newspaper that cover all aspects of life in the Serbian capital – from politics to business, culture to sport and lifestyle to current affairs.


The paper, in circulation since May 2008,  is published fortnightly by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

A ‘must-read’ for all foreign residents of Belgrade, domestic decision-makers and anybody else who simply needs to know what’s happening in the Serbian capital, Belgrade Insight enjoys the respect of its readership and a level of credibility that is unparalleled in Belgrade’s print media sector.

Belgrade Insight draws on BIRN’s pool of professional specialist journalists and editors from across the Balkans, ensuring high quality content refined by a team of native English language editors.

In addition to detailed analysis and coverage of political, economic and business affairs, Belgrade Insight provides its readers with everything that expatriates, short-term visitors and local residents need to know in order to enjoy this great city.

From detailed arts and entertainment listings, comprehensive sports coverage, music, theatre and restaurant reviews, travel and lifestyle features, our mission is to both inform and entertain.

Belgrade Insight is read by locals and foreigners alike, though the publication’s main target audience is the estimated 30-40,000 foreigners who live and work in the Serbian capital and use English as their main working language.

Belgrade Insight’s readers, who tend to be among the highest earners in the city, include young professionals from the international business and NGO sectors, senior diplomats, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

Many readers are new arrivals to the city who rely on the publication for advice on where to go, what to see and who to trust.

Belgrade Insight’s subscribers include foreign embassies, businesses and individuals, but the newspaper is also distributed free of charge at over 500 restaurants, bars, ministries, state institutions and businesses across the city.

Readers quotes:

“I would like to congratulate you on a great publication. I was so happy when I discovered it after arriving here, because I realised that I would at least be able to follow what was going on in Belgrade and Serbia to some extent. Belgrade Insight is also great because it offers all aspects – from hard news to entertainment; restaurant reviews to sport.”

Regional Attaché for Media Co-operation, Embassy of France in Serbia

“I always read Belgrade Insight when I come across it and value the mixture of unbiased local news coverage and up-to-date information about arts and cultural events in Belgrade. Belgrade Insight is essential reading for all people living and working in Belgrade.”


“Belgrade Insight is a great source for a concise overview of the week’s important news and I look forward to seeing what’s coming up in the city in terms of entertainment and events.”

long-term British expat resident of Belgrade

Balkan Insight has long towered over any competition in terms of keeping this region covered, and so Belgrade Insight simply reinforces and reflects that on a local level.”

British journalist