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Balkan Insight is BIRN’s flagship Internet platform for news publishing. It is the leading news site covering the Western Balkans region.

Balkan Insight Premium

Balkan Insight Premium is the primary commercial activity of BIRN Ltd, the commecial arm of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

A portal of complex analysis, investigations, features, interviews and timelines, this content is available to individual and corporate subscribers.

Our experienced team produces more than 350 articles of political and business analysis each year to ensure that our subscribers always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Balkan Insight Premium is read by business leaders, politicians, the diplomatic and NGO community, academia, students, the Balkan diaspora and others.

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The site, which is an output of BIRN's Advancing Sustainability of Independent Online Investigative Journalism project, provides the public with relevant and insightful reporting on key regional issues.

Balkan Insight correspondents are drawn from across the former Yugoslavia and Albania, Bulgaria and Romania, and our site is widely regarded as the only source of balanced reporting providing copy in English to international journalistic standards.

Balkan Insight provides a free-to-access daily news service that is widely used by businesspeople, academics, students, the diaspora, government bodies and anyone with an interest in the region. Balkan Insight's Premium Content, a paid service, offers more detailed analytical content, including investigations, comments and analysis from the countries of the region.

Correspondents address issues including the Kosovo organ trafficking claims, the Macedonia-Greece “Name” dispute, Bosnia’s ongoing crisis, Albania’s local elections, Albania’s broader political crisis, Ratko Mladic’s confrontation with justice, Montenegrin energy disputes,  instead of this I would put the brand new one Serbia-Kosovo Relations, Balkan transitional Justice, the Roma Decade, South Serbia, Culture Watch Focus, and others.

In addition to our team of correspondents, our writers include respected authors and commentators on the region, including Tim Judah, author of 'The Serbs'; Kenneth Morrison, Senior Lecturer in Modern East European History at De Montford University; Matthew Parish, formerly the Chief Legal Advisor to the International Supervisor of Brcko, and author of 'A Free City in the Balkans: Reconstructing a Divided Society in Bosnia'; and Marcus Tanner, formerly the Independent's correspondent for the region and author of 'Croatia: a Nation Forged in War'.

Balkan Insight also publishes commentaries and opinions from international political and government figures. Our own team of correspondents and editors have won many national and international awards including an Overseas Press Club (USA) and Human Rights Watch Award, CEI SEEMO Award for Investigative Journalism, and others.

Projects under Balkan Insight’s umbrella are monitored by the editors of BIRN, who also serve as mentors and trainers for the journalists participating in the project.

Editors are available to the journalists to provide editorial guidance and contacts, and to ensure the high quality of the stories through a highly professional and helpful on-the-job training process.

In 2015 alone, Balkan Insight, with content that is partly closed and offered for subscription, had more than 2,414,000 page visits and almost 5,200,000 page views. More than 54 per cent of the visits were by people who had never visited the site before.

Balkan Insight is a product of BIRN, a group of affiliated charitable organisations from across the region. BIRN is funded by a range of international governments, NGOs and charitable funds with an interest in the region.

The organisation's core work is the promotion of a free and independent media and the training of journalists and media houses to international standards.