The BIRN office in Romania produces daily news reports and analysis for BIRN's network-wide programs, such as Balkan Insight, and participates in projects surrounding media and minorities in the country. The office is run by Marian Chiriac.


The BIRN office in Romania provides daily news reports and analysis for Balkan Insight (, and has also been involved in various training and editorial projects.

From 2006-2009, the BIRN office in Romania edited Divers (, a weekly online publication covering ethnic minorities in Romania. The project was funded through a grant offered by the Project on Ethnic Relations, a US-based organisation.

In November 2006, BIRN Romania provided training for health professionals, educators and policemen aimed at developing the skills they need to communicate and deliver care and education more effectively to ethnic minority groups at a workshop in Ludus, central Transylvania.

The programme was funded by Romanian National Agency for Roma People (ANR) a governmental body.

BIRN Romania was a partner in an editorial project that published a monthly newspaper for Roma people between 2007-2008, an undertaking funded by the European Commission.

The project was financed by the Romanian government, using funds from the European Union's Phare program.

Between 2008-2011, Marian represented BIRN Romania as a trainer or speaker in different journalistic projects, most of them led by the Bucharest-based Center for Independent Journalism.

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