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Court Monitoring Report
Follow the Paper Trail, A Guide to Investigative Journalism in Kosovo

The sixth court monitoring report is based on 820 questionnaires filled out in 2013.

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Prishtina Insight

Issue No. 143, October 10 - 23, 2014

Prishtina Insight, issue no. 116

In this Edition:

  • Did EU push president to violate constitution?
  • EU report gives Kosovo mixed reviews
  • TEDxPrishtina: A lesson in optimism

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Study of Kosovo’s Middle School TextbooksTextbook problems and shortcomings - Study of Kosovo’s Middle School Textbooks

BIRN Kosovo has followed up its 2010 survey of textbooks for primary school pupils in Kosovo.

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Annual Report

BIRN Kosovo Annual Financial Report, 2012

Click to download BIRN Kosovo's full annual financial report for 2012

BIRN Kosovo Annual Report 2013

Click to download BIRN Kosovo's full annual report for 2013