About BIRN

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, is a group of editors, journalism trainers and reporters, dedicated to creating a strong, professional, independent media in Southeast Europe as an essential component of developing democracy and a market economy in the Balkans.

BIRN is present in nine countries of the Balkan region, with country-based organisations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

BIRN has editorial and journalistic networks in other countries in the Balkans, namely in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. 

BIRN’s Balkan network is coordinated by a regional BIRN Hub, registered in Bosnia, while the company, BIRN Ltd, is registered in Belgrade.

The network implements a range of programmes and projects focused on training, publishing and debating the most crucial political, social, economic and cultural topics in the region, targeting civil society groups and the public at large.

Our methodology is practical and vocational. All our activities lead to relevant reporting, intended for dissemination in the region and internationally. We continuously seek new approaches to make our work more effective and sustainable, such as exploring Internet possibilities and developing commercial ventures.

BIRN’s leadership is composed of award-winning journalists and professionals, all of whom have experience and knowledge of the region and its main challenges: transitional justice, human rights, culture, post-conflict society-building, political and economic transitional reform, European integration and other related issues.

The Hub staff covers editorial, training, operational and development domains, while developing, fundraising for and coordinating core regional projects.

The Hub provides member organisations with common resources, such as trainers, editors and a website platform, and guarantees quality in the delivery of projects and in operational, legal and financial matters.

Within the broader framework of BIRN’s mission, the country-based member organisations have developed their own, locally specific programmes. These are based on their societies’ most important needs in terms of media development, information and dialogue.

They are also involved in Hub-run regional programmes, which rely on them to implement the aspects relevant to their countries. They further contribute with logistical support when needed and with the specialised skills they have variously developed.

The Hub deals directly with those countries of the region in which no member organisation is registered, namely Albania, Croatia and Montenegro, with a view to ensuring proper regional coverage and establishing more substantial projects there, too.

Together, BIRN’s member organisations pool resources, connecting the growing teams of specialist journalists to produce top quality, timely and relevant coverage of the region’s most complex political, economic and social issues.