Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia

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2010 - Now

The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS) is an independent citizens’ organization of 3060 freely associated professional journalists and other media professionals.

IJAS was established on March 26, 1994 and officially registered as a civil organisation. The Association was set up by a large group of professional journalists, most of them left jobless due to the political purge and repression imposed on media by the authorities.

IJAS mission is to protect the rights of journalists and other media professionals in Serbia, systematically improves professional standards and promotes ethically responsible journalism through powerful and proactive public actions.

Over past years IJAS has actively worked on it by encouraging and promoting professional standards of accurate and honest reporting, defended human rights based on freedom of information and public right to know, protected its members, other media professionals and media from political and other forms of pressures in order to improve position of media professionals in Serbia.

IJAS is member of International Federation of Journalists, Brussels (IFJ) and European Federation of Journalists (EFJ). It has intensive co-operation with a number of media organizations, non-governmental organizations and international bodies involved in media issues.