House for Human Rights and Democracy

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2010 - Now

House for Human Rights and Democracy is committed to building democratic and open society based on the respect of human rights and the rule of law.

Similar organizations that through mutual cooperation and joint activities affect the radical social changes in the area of human rights, monitor daily social situations, timely and appropriate react to violations of human rights and thus constantly contribute to further democratization of society.


Human Rights House educate citizens about human rights and how to exercise these rights, advocating specific statutory provisions and their implementation in the field of human rights and democratization, and monitors the work of state institutions in these areas.

In order to achieve outlined vision of society, House of Human Rights and Democracy in particular works towards the following objectives:

  • Implementation of the principle of respect for human rights in all spheres of social life in Serbia, on the basis of relevant national and international standards;
  • Raising awareness of the importance of respect for human rights;
  • Representation of victims of human rights violations in strategic cases and improvement of judiciar practice in the field of human rights;
  • Documenting the situation of human rights in order to monitor progress in this area and to create a collective memory based on dealing with human rights violations in the recent past;
  • Building a democratic society based on the rule of law through advocacy to strengthen the legal and institutional framework and to increase citizen participation in all spheres of social life.In order to accomplish these goals, members of the Human Rights and Democracy coordinate their activities, each of which contributes its expertise and previous experience in the implementation of joint projects.Principles:
  • Synergy
  • Cooperation and networking
  • Visibility
  • TransparencyWeb: