Community Building Mitrovica (CBM)

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2010 - Now

Community Building Mitrovica is a local NGO operating in the field of peace and community building in the wider region of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo. The overall aim of CBM is to facilitate contact and dialogue between citizens in the Mitrovica municipality.

The staff of CBM are devoted citizens – both Serbs and Albanians – who grew up in the region and want to restore the previous confidence and even friendship that war and politics have destroyed.

By supporting many concrete projects which address the direct needs of the local communities, CBM contributes in a modest way to this aim. The work of past years has gained the organisation a strong reputation on both sides of the Ibar.

CBM, which was founded in 2001, works in the following fields: media, culture, youth, women, minorities, dialogue, and return of refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

CBM projects are open to members of all communities living in Mitrovica and beyond. CBM often cooperates with other NGOs, helps out with local initiatives and works with local governmental institutions and international organisations in order to initiate, develop and implement activities for the benefit of the communities in Mitrovica and beyond.

CBM partners with BIRN Kosovo on the following programmes:
-Monitoring of public services
-Research and publications

CBM partners with BIRN Kosovo on the following projects:
-Court monitoring and reporting on police and justice issues
-Support for the implementation of the RAE strategy (EU SIMARES)