Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia – CIJS

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2010 - Now

CIJS is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to investigative journalism according to the internationally recognized standards, including the use of new tools and techniques.

CIJS goal is to continuously offer to the Serbian citizens important facts about Serbian society that were hidden or unknown prior to their investigations. CIJS hopes to help citizens reach informed decisions in this manner.

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia was founded by the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia with the aim to show that independent journalism in line with the highest professional standards is possible in Serbia.

CIJS investigates organized crime, politics, business, frauds, energy, environment, corruption, judiciary, sports and other important parts of society.


  • Promotion of independent, responsible and professional journalism and the respect of high and internationally recognized standards in journalism;
  • Production and publishing of investigative media content on CIJS web site and in other local and international media;
  • Education of journalists and editors in Serbia in hands-on skills of investigative journalism;
  • Providing opportunity for journalists, particularly young ones, and the citizens in general to apply the skills and techniques of investigative journalism in order to expose important facts to the Serbian public;
  • Cooperation with similar organizations, other media and media organizations in Serbia, the region of South East Europe and internationally, including cross-border investigative projects;
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations in Serbia and abroad.