Ana Petruseva

Ana Petruseva is an experienced journalist and one of the founders of the BIRN regional network and BIRN Macedonia.

As the country director of BIRN Macedonia, she organises trainings and debates involving journalists throughout the country, and secures funding for the organisation.

Prior to joining BIRN, Ana was the Macedonia country director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, IWPR. She previously worked as a journalist for a variety of media outlets in Macedonia and abroad, including Reuters, Deutsche Welle, Telma TV and daily newspaper Dnevnik.

Ana was the associate producer of the IWPR documentary , “Ohrid and Beyond,” and served as the co-author and producer of the BIRN Kosovo documentary, “Does Anyone Have a Plan?”

Ana graduated from the Skopje Journalism School in the Faculty of Law at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius.

Tim Judah

Tim Judah is a front line reporter for The Economist and an author.

He worked for the BBC before becoming the Balkans correspondent for The Times and The Economist. During the Kosovo war he broadcast widely and wrote for the New York Review of Books, The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian Weekend magazine. Judah is also the author of the prizewinning book
The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia, published in 1997 by Yale University Press.

Judah is a graduate of the London School of Economics and of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Per Byman

Per Byman, is a Swedish aid worker and linguist.

Byman is Secretary-General of Radiohjälpen, which he joined in June 2012.
Between 2005 and 2012 he worked for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA, where he served as head of the humanitarian unit responsible for disaster relief. From 1999-2005 Byman worked as a program officer for human rights and democracy at SIDA’s unit for South Eastern Europe.

Between 1991 and 1997 Byman worked with humanitarian projects and reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the organization ,Caritas”. From 1997 to 1999 he was a press officer at Caritas Sweden.

Vesna Bjekic (1952-2014)

Over the course of her journalism career, Vesna has worked with Politika, 4 Jul, YU Panorama, Revijalna Stampa, many local Serbian newspapers, and Croatian weekly Danas.

In 1992, as Yugoslavia fell apart, she began working freelance, and from 1993 until 2000 was a key member of the Alternative Information Network, AIM.

After a time as a contributor to IWPR’s Balkan Crisis Report, she took up the position of IWPR Serbia Office Manager.

Today, she manages the BIRN Hub / BIRN Ltd. office in Belgrade, and coordinates translation and editing for all BIRN’s Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian language report.


Amila Nezirovic

Amila joined BIRN BiH in 2008 as an administrative and finance officer.

She now serves as the organisation’s Operations and Financial Manager. Amila is responsible for financial and operations planning and internal reporting as well financial reporting for donors.

Amila worked previously in administration and finance related operations on projects funded by the U.S. Government, and she also served as an interpreter and office manager.

She worked for PA Consulting Group, a USAID funded project based in Sarajevo, where she assisted in the development of a study on energy sector reform and privatisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She later worked as an administrative/paralegal assistant for Pierce Atwood, a law firm in Sarajevo, on projects funded by the US Government.

Amila studied at the Law School at Sarajevo University. She has attended many trainings related to the office management and office administration.

Mirna Buljugic

Mirna Buljugic has worked as a journalist since 2001. She began her career as a reporter for the, 7 O’Clock News on Tuzla Cantonal TV.

Mirna joined the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in 2006, where she works as a journalist and producer covering transitional justice topics including war crimes trials held before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

Over the course of her career, Mirna has cooperated with journalists Ed Vulliamy of The Guardian, Evan Williams and Dina Volaric of ABC Television, Tim Judah of The Economist, and Antony Barnett of The Observer.

She has produced a documentary film on the missing persons entitled: “Missing you…” Her latest documentry features victims of sexual abuse during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She graduated with a degree in journalism from the Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla.

After years spent in journalism, Mirna took over a role of Acting Director in November 2014, while in December 2015 she was officially appointed as BIRN BiH Country Director.

Meliha Bosnjak

Meliha joined the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in April 2011.

Previously, she worked as an office manager for the French company BCEOM, which created databases of bridges, tunnels and roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this intensive project she led an office in Sarajevo, dealing with finances, technical translations of various documents and simultaneous translation during meetings.

She later expanded her knowledge of administrative and financial affairs while working for the Radio News Exchange Programme for South-East Europe, which included ten radio stations from South East Europe.

Albina Sorguc

Albina joined the BIRN BiH Detektor team in September 2010. She has worked as a journalist since 2004.

Albina has monitored war crimes trials before the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo and the Court of BiH for several years. Before joining BIRN, she worked for Bosnian newspapers Dnevni Avaz and Nezavisne Novine, where she reported on social and community issues, and organised crime and corruption.

Albina graduated with a degree in journalism from the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo.

Denis Dzidic

Denis joined BIRN BiH in August 2008, and is now the deputy editor for Detektor and a journalist for the Balkan Transitional Justice programme.

Prior to BIRN, Denis worked as a journalist for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and the monthly youth magazine Rez, where he reported on young people and war crimes issues.

Denis has worked as a journalist since 2006. He graduated from the Journalism Department of the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo.

Kalina Simic

Kalina Simic joined BIRN Serbia in August 2012 as a project manager.

In addition to her work on monitoring projects, Kalina also manages projects that focus on promoting communication between the local administration in south Serbia and citizens there.

Kalina has extensive experience in advertising, as well as governmental and NGO work. In the area of advertising and marketing, she worked for the Hammer Creative Agency of Novi Sad, Leo Burnett as well as Cyber Entertainment in Belgrade.

In her work for local governments, she managed various activities and projects for the Executive Council of Vojvodina and the Serbian Ministry for Human and Minority Rights. In addition, she worked for the Public Administration and Local Government Center (PALGO Center), Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) and Novi Sad School of Journalism.

Kalina studied Psychology at Novi Sad University. In addition to her formal education, Kalina has attended more than 15 different trainings and courses.