Denis Dzidic

Denis joined BIRN BiH in August 2008, and is now the deputy editor for Detektor and a journalist for the Balkan Transitional Justice programme.

Prior to BIRN, Denis worked as a journalist for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and the monthly youth magazine Rez, where he reported on young people and war crimes issues.

Denis has worked as a journalist since 2006. He graduated from the Journalism Department of the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo.

Kalina Simic

Kalina Simic joined BIRN Serbia in August 2012 as a project manager.

In addition to her work on monitoring projects, Kalina also manages projects that focus on promoting communication between the local administration in south Serbia and citizens there.

Kalina has extensive experience in advertising, as well as governmental and NGO work. In the area of advertising and marketing, she worked for the Hammer Creative Agency of Novi Sad, Leo Burnett as well as Cyber Entertainment in Belgrade.

In her work for local governments, she managed various activities and projects for the Executive Council of Vojvodina and the Serbian Ministry for Human and Minority Rights. In addition, she worked for the Public Administration and Local Government Center (PALGO Center), Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) and Novi Sad School of Journalism.

Kalina studied Psychology at Novi Sad University. In addition to her formal education, Kalina has attended more than 15 different trainings and courses.

Marija Petrovic

Marija is a sales professional with a background in the media industry in Serbia and East Asia.

A member of the Belgrade Insight team at the time of the newspaper’s launch in 2008, Marija rejoined the team a year ago to head up the sales and marketing division.

Marija is well-acquainted with the international community in Belgrade through her previous experience as a field representative with the Club de Madrid.

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Aleksandar Djordjevic has worked as a journalist since 2009, mainly covering politics and public finance.

Aleksandar was a local correspondent for the regional website Sumadijapress before joining BIRN in February 2012, first as a trainee and later as a correspondent for BIRN Serbia’s watchdog website Skockajte budzet.

Ever since, he has mainly worked in the field of data journalism and investigative journalism, specialising in public finance reporting.

Aleksandar was awarded the best media report on monitoring of public spending in Serbia organized by United Nations Development Programme. He was also a finalist at the 2012 National Investigative Journalism Award by the Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia.

In addition, Aleksandar has attended many trainings and workshops, including those organized by BIRN.

Dragana Zarkovic Obradovic

Under Dragana’s leadership, BIRN Serbia has been recognised for its professionalism and its ability to influence the public agenda in the fields of media development and good governance.

With extensive media experience and a strong background in project management, Dragana joined BIRN in February 2006 as a project manager and was promoted to country manager in 2007.

She also travels throughout Serbia to provide trainings in good governance for dozens of local governments.

Dragana previously worked on several projects for prominent international organisations, such as the Stability Pact for SEE, Transparency International and the European Agency for Reconstruction, as well as for electronic media.

Dragana studied Comparative Literature at Belgrade University, and further honed her professional skills through numerous trainings and conferences.

Ana Novakovic

Ana Novakovic is a journalist from Serbia with experience in electronic and print media.

Ana Novakovic joined BIRN Serbia in 2012, where she has mainly worked on investigative stories and databases.

Ana has been named as finalist for the National Investigative Journalism Award for 2013 and 2014 by the Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia. Also, as a part of BIRN Serbia team she won Jug Grizelj Award for investigative journalism for 2014.

Ana is co-author of data journalism handbook Journalism based on data: Tips, Tricks and Tutorials. She participated in various seminars and was trainer at journalism workshops.

During her journalism studies at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade, Ana interned at Radio Belgrade 1, part of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, RTS and worked as a journalist and host in students radio production.

Petar Subotin

Based in Belgrade and working as the Regional Development Officer, Petar Subotin supports cross-regional projects implementation and serves as a worldwide liaison with key stakeholders, including private donors and governments.

He establishes reliable and deepens existing strategic partnerships to expand BIRN Network and its operations.

Petar joined BIRN’s core management team in 2010.

Prior to joining the team, Petar worked at the Novi Sad School of Journalism. He was in charge of writing and implementing projects related to politics, media, human rights and conflict resolution.

From 2006 to 2009, Petar worked as a reporter for the daily news programme of the Public Broadcast Service of Vojvodina.

As the top student of his class of 2004 at the University of Novi Sad, Petar was awarded a scholarship for a yearlong professional development program at the University of Texas in El Paso in 2008/2009. Petar also obtained an Advanced Course Certificate in Program Cycle Management and EU at the College of Europe in Bruge, in 2011.

In 2014, he was selected as Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability Fellow at Columbia University, in New York.

Petar graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad with a BA in Journalism.

He speaks Serbian and English and some French.

Marian Chiriac

Marian Chiriac has worked as a journalist since 1990, mainly covering politics and human rights issues.

He has reported extensively on most major events in Romania and the Balkans. He became a regular contributor to the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in 1999, and in 2005 established BIRN Romania.

Sinisa-Jakov Marusic

Sinisa-Jakov Marusic is a Skopje-based journalist and regular contributor to BIRN’s regional publication, Balkan Insight, and the programme Balkan Transitional Justice.

Since 2007, Sinisa has covered Macedonia’s political, social and economic developments, especially those linked to Macedonian post conflict society and transitional justice.

His articles and analysis also appear in other local and international print and electronic media.

In 2007, Sinisa graduated from the Journalism School at the Macedonian Institute for Media, MIM, in Skopje.

He speaks Macedonian, English and German.

Lum Ademi

Lum joined BIRN in September 2009 as Chief of Finance and Operations Officer. His duties include preparing finance reports for donors, as well as drawing up budgets for specific projects.

Beginning in 2000 with work in private and public institutions, Lum has developed extensive experience in financial management.

Lum graduated in September 2009 from Iliria University with a degree in banking, finances and accounting. He has also attended various trainings in accounting and auditing provided by local companies.