BIRN documentary screened at LSE

The screening of the BIRN TV documentary Does Anyone Have a Plan at the prestigious London School of Economics on May 8 generated a lively discussion on Kosovo’s final status.

Gordana Igric, Executive Director of the BIRN Regional Network, fielded questions on the ongoing negotiations; the causes and consequences of the dissolution of Yugoslavia; and the economic viability of the countries that emerged from the breakup of the federation.

The film was produced in January this year and has been screened across the Balkans and internationally, receiving very positive reviews.

Gordana Igric is the new Executive Director of the BIRN Regional Network from June 1st.

Gordana, who founded BIRN during her tenure as Balkan Programme Manager at IWPR, will move from her current position as BIRN’s Editorial and Development Director to the position of BIRN Regional Network Director.

Her predecessor, Anna McTaggart, whose work was crucial to BIRN’s creation and sound development, becomes Regional Network Development Coordinator.

From September she will be based in Zagreb, extending our network coverage of Croatia and developing additional regional-level projects.

BIRN Attended Conference on Sexual Violence in War

BIRN staff members Gordana Igric, Ana Petruseva and Jeta Xharra attended a seminar on “Sexual Violence in War” organised by the Dart Centre Europe in Brussels on June 21.

The conference attracted 30 prominent journalists who have reporting in war zones in Africa, the Balkans and the rest of the world.

The main topic of discussion was the ethics and practice of reporting on sexual violence, covering such issues as physical security, story framing and cultural sensitivities.

Participants discussed their own experience of interviewing victims of sexual violence.