Steve Crawshaw

Member of the Board
Secretary General, Amnesty International

Steve Crawshaw is the director of the office of the Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Syzana Firza

Finance Officer

Syzana joined BIRN Kosovo as part-time finance officer in September 2005 and is responsible for compiling financial reports, filing and recording all incoming and outgoing documents, registering all revenue and spending, and other financial related duties.

Tamara Chausidis


Tamara Chausidis is experienced editor and media freedom activist.

Tanja Maksic

Programme coordinator

Tanja Maksić has been a member of the BIRN Serbia team since 2010. She develops and manages projects in the field of media policy and good governance.

Tim Judah

Chairman of the Board
Journalist, The Economist

Tim Judah is a front line reporter for The Economist and an author.

Vesa Dinarama

Project Assistant

Vesa Dinarama joined BIRN in March 2017.

Vesna Bjekic (1952-2014)

Administrative Officer

Over the course of her journalism career, Vesna has worked with Politika, 4 Jul, YU Panorama, Revijalna Stampa, many local Serbian newspapers, and Croatian weekly Danas.

Vlado Apostolov


Vlado has been covering topics related to organised crime, corruption and human rights for the last five years and at the beginnings of his journalism career he was working as a reporter in the economic newsrooms in several media.

Wolfgang Petritsch

Member of the Board
Chair, Board of the European Cultural Foundation

Wolfgang Petritsch is an Austrian diplomat. Petritsch’s experience in the former Yugoslavia stretches back to 1997 when he was appointed Austrian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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