Emina Dizdarevic

Detector Journalist / Court Monitor

Emina joined BIRN BiH’s Detector team in March 2014.

Emma Krstic

Social Media Editor

Emma joined BIRN as Social Media Editor in 2015 after relocating from London where she had been working as a Digital Editor for a content marketing agency with a broad range of clients across the lifestyle, business and travel sectors.

Erjone Popova


Erjone joined BIRN Kosovo in 2015, covering political news and events.

Ermal Gashi

Cameraman/Video Editor

Ermal Gashi is a Cameraman and Video Editor for the new portal and ,Life in Kosovo” TV programme.

Erna Mackic

Chairperson of the Association of Court reporters

With ten years of experience as a journalist, Erna is the Executive Editor of BIRN BiH publication Detektor and the Chairperson of the Association of Court Reporters in Sarajevo.

Etlira Gjikopulli

Office Assistant

Etlira Gjikopulli has been working as a Financial and Administrative Assistant for BIRN Albania since May 2014.

Filip Rudic


Filip Rudic is a reporter from Belgrade who has worked in journalism since 2012.

Gabrijela Vukicevic

Finance Officer

Gabrijela Vukićević joined BIRN Serbia as finance officer in October 2016.

Gjergj Erebara


Gjergj Erebara is journalist for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, in Albania.

Goran Knezevic

Office Manager

Goran manages the BIRN office in Belgrade and is in charge of subscription and distribution of Belgrade Insight.

Gordana Andric

Balkan Insight and Belgrade Insight Managing Editor

Gordana is an experienced journalist with in-depth knowledge of the politics and economy of the Balkan countries.

Gordana Igric


Founder of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Regional Network Director until May 2018.

Haris Rovcanin

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Haris has worked with BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina since September 2016.

Ivana Dervishi

Photo Reporter

Ivana have been working for BIRN Albania since 2014. She is a photo reporter and in charge of video production for BIRN Albania’s online magazine

Jasna Andonovska

Finance Manager

Jasna has worked at BIRN Macedonia since January 2016.

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