BIRN Kosovo Annual Financial Report, 2008

BIRN Kosovo Annual Financial Report, 2008

Click to download BIRN Kosovo's full annual financial report for 2008

BIRN Kosovo Annual Financial Report 2012

BIRN Kosovo Annual Financial Report 2012

The Annual Financial Report provides an overview of BIRN Kosovo financial activities during 2012.

Textbook problems and shortcomings – Study of Kosovo’s Middle School Textbooks

BIRN Kosovo has followed up its 2010 survey of textbooks for primary school pupils in Kosovo to see if its suggested amendments have been incorporated or not.

Follow the Paper Trail

Follow the Paper Trail, a guide to document-based journalism in Kosovo, explains relevant laws, access to public documents, how to publish safely, where to find databases on investigative journalism, and how to locate documents online through various search engines.

Justice Report Weekly Magazine

The Justice Report magazine is distributed weekly as a newsletter in both English and local languages.

BIRN Kosovo Annual Report 2011

BIRN Kosovo Annual Report 2011

The Annual Report provides an overview of BIRN activities during 2012, its achievements and challenges and plans for the upcoming year.

Spotlight on Mladic: Villian or Celebrity?

The publication brings an overview of the coverage of the arrest and the beginning of the trial of Ratko Mladic, who is charged with genocide and other crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Balkan media.

Balkan Insight Focus Page: Turkey in the Balkans

BIRN produces a number of special focus pages on its flagship news portal -www.balkaninsight.com- that cover important topics in the Balkans, including the relationship between Turkey and the Balkans.

Association of Court Reporters (AIS)

The Association of Court Reporters (AIS) was established in 2005 with the aim of improving communication between the media and the Court of Bosnia and Hezegovina. The Association is an informal group of court reporters who work for print and electronic media in Bosnia.

Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë

BIRN Kosovo's Albanian language news portal, launched in 2011, can be found at www.gazetajnk.com.

Prishtina Insight

BIRN Kosovo launched its biweekly English-language newspaper, Prishtina Insight, in September 2008.

Life in Kosovo TV Programme

BIRN Kosovo produces a weekly current affairs programme ,Life in Kosovo”, which is the most watched current affairs program in Kosovo broadcast on Kosovo public television, RTK.

Justice in Kosovo TV Programme

BIRN Kosovo's ,Justice in Kosovo” TV programme, which was launched in November 2010, focuses on the fields of justice, police and security reporting.

Culture Watch Special Focus Webpage

BIRN's Culture Watch webpage
– is home to news, analysis, features, investigations and opinion from BIRN's team of Culture Watch journalists.

Balkan Insight

BalkanInsight.com is a product of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and is committed to providing balanced, fair, ethical and accurate reporting to the highest standards.

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